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by - Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hello people!
It's me again with another event post for this month!

Thanks to Hishop for inviting me to Nikko & Nikki products soft launch. I appreciated the opportunity given to me for me to attend and review another great event. The product launch was held on 5th May 2014 at Hard Rock Cafe, KL. Yup, it was a Monday and i rushed there after my class because my class ended early for that day. I was a bit late to the launch compared to other bloggers, (felt so guilty already) however i still make it there. lol.

The main characters for the whole product launch are the...

Nikki Marine Collagen
Contain ingredients such as Grape Seed Extract, Soy Isoflavones, Orange Vitamin C Powder, PhytoCellTec Argan, PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis,  Mixberry Powder and Tremella Fuciformis. It helps in breast and hip firming, skin firm, UV protection, skin whitening, anti aging, reduce wrinkles and so on.
Pricing: RM280 (15g x 28 sachets)

Nikko Breast Firming Cream
Help improve breast contour,combating sagging and remarkably gives you bust firmer, lifted, curvy and more beautiful appealing. It contains 7 NOs, no colorant, no Lanolin, no Animal Derived Ingredients, no Petrochemical, no Preservative added, no Comedogenic Ingrediemts and no Mineral Oil.
Pricing: RM180 (50ml)

The first thing i got after i registered was a door gift from Nikki and Nikko. Thanks lot with love.

The event started with a belly dance performance which heat up the event.

Then they proceed with the opening ceremony with the CEO and few guests. One of the guests is the Malaysia's famous actress, Chris Tong.

Group photo after the opening ceremony.

The best thing of the event is always food. There are some food that was prepared and served by Hard Rock Cafe for the launch event.

Yummy cake~

While everyone was having their food, they got an Q&A or interview session on the stage with the user of Nikko and Nikki's products. The user shared their thoughts and experience while using the products. 

Then they invited all the May's birthday babies on stage to cut the cake.

Last but not least, Best Dress of The Day.
The theme for that day event was pink rose. So everyone were recommended to wear something pink on that day for the event. There were few selected finalists on that day for the Best Dress award and i'm part of the people who voted for winner. lol. After that, the event ended with the lucky draw.

I was glad that i could met and took a photo with Chris Tong. 
She's so pretty and gorgeous. Never thought i would see her in real person because i always saw her in tv's screen. lol.

Event always gave me an opportunity to meet more people, especially new friends. Thanks for taking selfie with me. lol.

Not only i got to attend the event, i also got to review the Nikko Breast Firming Cream. lol. Well,  thanks to Hishop again for this review.

Nikko Maxxi Breast Firming Cream.

The ingredients list of the product.

The bottle design was simple until i dunno how to use at first. lol. I was trying to open it forcefully like opening a cap of the bottle but it won't even budge a little. So i gave up and tried to press the cap few times and yes, it worked at last.

By pressing on the cap for few times, the cream will came out from the top. If you noticed it clearly, there's a hole for the cream to come out but i couldn't notice it at first. lol.

Personal thoughts:
The cream is not watery and it was a bit oily at first when you applied it on hand. But after you massaged a little bit, it quickly absorbed by your skin and becomes not oily already.  I still can't see the effect clearly for now because it requires some time to actually prove the firming and whitening features. So i will wait for the effect and see how is it at the end. lol. The scent of the cream was not heavy, i don't know how to describe the smell but it's not a bad smell though. So don't worry about the scent.

If you wanna to try it, you can purchase it.
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