Trying my luck to the Kiehl's Fun in The Sun Event

by - Monday, June 02, 2014

Hello people,
It's me again to actually try my luck for the invitation to Kiehl's Fun in The Sun Event. I actually saw the event posted by The Butterfly Project since last week, but i have no time to blog about it due to my school assignments. But still, i wanted to join this event so much because i wanted to know more about Kiehl's. Thus, it's purely trying my luck here and hoping that i will get selected. (>.<)

1. Why do you need 24 hour no-shine fresh hydration?
Well, allow me to say..."Who don't want 24 hour no-shine fresh hydration"? lol. Of course i want it! I'm inside aircond room for almost everyday for example, my classroom, car, shopping mall, office... Malaysian are pampered with aircond almost everywhere. It's good to have aircond due to the hot weather in Malaysia, but if we stay in aircond room for a long period, it will dehydrates our skin, making our skin looks dull and dry. If our skin is dry, the makeup won't even stay longer on my face, and it's so not .... "fabulous" anymore. So, if there is a product that can provide 24 hour fresh hydration,  i will definitely go for it.

2. What do you love about Kiehl’s?
Frankly speaking, i never use any Kiehl's product before because whenever i passed by the store, i know i couldn't afford such a premium brand. Since i never use it before, i try to love this brand by searching it's information through their website.

Totally in with the design of the website, very professional interface by having Mr.Skeleton there. lol. 

In Kiehl's Malaysia website,it basically shows all the products that are available in Malaysia store and their price in Malaysia Ringgit.

It appears that Kiehl's is an "ancient" brand which existed since 160 years ago. It's older than me a lot in age. lol. So it's mean Kiehl's have 160 years of experience in this field, making the brand more enhanced and premium.

The best thing that make me in love with this brand is their products are all made with the Finest Naturally-Derived ingredients. It should be good to go with any skin types and it's good for sensitive skin too! I really hope that i can try on their products one day... To experience it and see the effects of it by myself.

Now, thanks to Kiehl's and The Butterfly Project for letting us to have the chance to get the invitation and attend this cool event! I seriously want to and hope that i can get selected so i can try the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream. lol. *Prays Hard*

That's all!

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