Port Dickson Getaway [Part 1]

by - Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hello people...
Finally i have some time to blog about my Port Dickson getaway during my semester break although there's a lot of assignment waiting to be done. No matter how stress is it, still have to relax a bit right?

The whole trip was decided few months back when my bf suddenly told me that he wanna go for a road trip during the semester break. So i nodded and that was how the whole trip started all of the sudden. Actually i didn't realize that time past so fast and it was already April by that time. We didn't prepare much for the trip because we were rushing our assignments and part time job. It was a tiring life before the trip and we were glad that there's still a trip waiting for us... by that time.

The whole trip started very relaxing because both of us woke up kinda late for that day. Had our brunch at 
Kenny Rogers Roasters before we go for the road trip to fill up our stomach. We also stopped by the mart nearby to grab some snacks and drinks.

We booked a hotel at Waterfront, Port Dickson. The hotel was... so so...but the environment there was so nice. We reached there around 6 pm due to some issues with the gps... that lead us to a wrong place. Waterfront was kinda empty during the day time but the place became nicer and lively during night time when all the lights on.

Decided not to have McD for dinner so we started searching for places to have our dinner. Sadly we couldn't find most of the places stated and some places were closed at night time. 

Fortunately we found this place which sell nice burgers. lol. I knew it was kinda meaningless to have burgers there but what to so, we were starving at that time. 

The place that we found was called Mient's Burger. It's a burger stall located near the Waterfront Boutique Hotel. You can spotted it easily because it was next to the road.

Their double beef burger if i'm not mistaken.
Their burger was nice with all those sauce. lol. I think it was fattening but... i don;t care. lol.

I forgot what is this already but i think it's lamb?
This one also very nice... I think most of the food in the menu were nice. lol.

The Ice Kacang.
Good for a hot weather. Kinda refreshing.

The Blue Lychee Lemon.
It was blue... kinda special but i think the blue color is the food coloring. Overall it just a very normal lychee lemon. 

And the nicest drink that i tried during the whole trip!
Before i tried this, i saw a lot of people ordered it. For me, i think it was very cute with herbs and lychee in it making the whole appearance of the drinks looked very attractive for me. I dunno how to explain the taste of the drinks, it just special... lol.

Went for a walk at the Waterfront. That place was so nice during night time. And for that day, we even saw people playing bubbles at the field area. The bubbles were flying all around, created a very nice scene for me to take photos. But the bubbles were so fast and it became blur in photos. 

So many people playing bubbles there. Some people even tried to create a huge bubbles by using the wind there. But the huge bubbles fell on ground and disappeared so.... Instead of big bubbles that were so heavy, they created many small bubbles. And i was capturing photos all the time... lol.

Waterfront area, which was full with restaurants...

The sea area...
Just for your information, there was no beach area at Waterfront but there's rock everywhere. So it was not a beach that have sand for you to play with. It just a place that got sea scenery which suitable for you to go for a walk and chill there.

Was taking lots of photos because the place was so nice. lol. Luckily my camera still able to take photos at night time which made me so happy.
It's a nice trip!

Waterfront also have Starbucks and McD there. After the walk, we were so tired and we decided to go Starbuscks and order some drinks there.
This Mr. Kc was constantly holding his iPad and playing game with a tired look on his face. If you wanna know what game he's playing all the time... well... It's actually a card game...named...

Million Arthur.
He's playing the Japanese ver. 
I got play the game too, just that i gave up already because i don't have time for it. lol.

Selfie 1
Since we got nothing to do, I decided to take a selfie with him.

Selfie 2
Tried to hold his face by adjusting the camera angle but failed.

Both of us had a nice trip together. 

It was a good place for a short trip and getaway. The moment when i saw the sea, it was so refreshing! It felt like all the problems that I faced in everyday life had disappeared. Thanks my dearest bf for planning this trip all of the sudden. Well, seems like you made a good choice to go for a trip during semester break. If not, i think i will become half-dead again because of all the assignments and work. lol.

However, this is only the PART ONE of my trip!
PART TWO will be up soon!


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