Neo-gal Party by Herbal Essences

by - Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello people~
It's me again finally...finally got time to update my

I attended the Neo-Gal Party by Herbal Essences last Sunday at Signature at The Roof last Sunday, thanks to Nuffnang and Herbal Essences. Actually i came all the way back from Port Dickson trip just to make it to the event so i was late for an hour on that day. lol.

Should have bring my bf that day but he said it's a girl's event so he decided not to attend. Yup, that was the main reason why i was alone at the event that day. I'm not saying "i don't have friend" that kinda forever alone, just i don't have a partner on that day. Planned to ask my sister to come along but she was working on that day, so don't say why i never ajak her... lol.

I was walking alone for the first 15 minutes after i arrived at the place. The first thing i saw was a singing performance. She's cheerful... lol. That's the first thing came to my mind.

Since i got nothing to do and everyone were busy taking photos and chit chatting, i decided to look around and found this cute cupcakes DIY section. I didn't try it because many people were doing it so i decided to give it a pass and walked away.

Then i came to this booth to DIY some accessories since there was less people. I met Hermes here at this booth and surprisingly she recognized me and called me. I did not recognize her at first because i thought her hair is purple but her hair was blonde on that day. lol. Or maybe i was so blur and feel so forever alone on that day so i didn't recognize a lot of people... lol. So if i didn't say "Hi" to whoever i know on that day, i'm so sorry. ^^

The Rose Wall.

The Lavender Wall.

Thanks to Hermes and Wynnie, i finally not so lonely. There were two photo booths with different backgrounds, the Lavender and the Rose Wall. I think everyone must have tried it out because it was so nice and cute.

The photos came out so pretty and girly! <3

Number76 also there at the event to help celebrity bloggers fixed their hair. Cheesie was getting her hair done there before the Q&A session.

There was also a hair makeover session by number76.
Jane and a blogger was having their hair makeover by the professionals.

Q&A session with all the bloggers.
Questions were asked on that day about beauty~

Winners for that day!
Felt happy for the Best Dressed winners on that day, congratulations!

The party was fun and girlish! Lol... It definitely bring out the Neo-gal theme because everyone were so gorgeous and fabulous on that day. It was a great party with nice venue, beautiful people, great performances, activities and food. I felt happy to be part of it.

Not only that...
It's great to meet all the bloggers i like at the events, but it was so hard to get a photo with them. lol.
The photos that i managed to take with my camera were:
A photo with Jane.

A photo with Cheesie.

And a photo with Ernest.

And surprisingly...the only friend i took photo with with was:
It was a very sudden photo she took using my camera.
Well, nice to meet you Wynnie. lol.

Goodies i brought home.

Gonna end the post here...^^


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