Caffebene Malaysia [Review]

by - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hello people!
Today i will be reviewing about a dessert shop. Can you guess what shop is it?
Can you guess where am I???


The main reason i went there was because i saw a lot of people posted the Bingsu photo on Instagram. Since i was so free on that day, i decided to ask my bf brought me to one of the Caffebene's branch. There are actually two branches of Caffebene in Malaysia. The one i went to is their second branch at Solaris Mont Kiara. The first branch is located at Sunway Pyramid. Surprisingly Caffebene was full house on that day and i have to wait at outside for almost half an hour, sobs...

The size of the shop was quite small because it cannot fit many people, especially on the day i went there. lol. However i like the interior design and decoration of the shop, it's so nice and cozy. It's definitely a nice place to chill out with friends and have some coffee or dessert.

Caffebene have various choices other than coffee, they are serving gelato, waffles, bingsu, cocktail, honeybread and frappeno. So one of the food or drinks will definitely suits your taste.

So what have i ordered on that day?

 Cookie & Cream Bingsu

Since i purposely went there for bingsu, so i ordered a bingsu. If you dunno what is bingsu, bingsu is actually a korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings. 

At first i thought there was only cream on top of the bingsu, but it's actually a gelato hidden inside the cream! You definitely have to try it out!

Actually i wanna try more bingsu flavor but one single bingsu is more than enough for 2 people. So it's better that you share it with your friends. lol. I actually wanna try their waffles also but unfortunately the waffles sold out for that day, so maybe next time.

My beloved bf on that day with his iPad again. lol. He dunno anything about bingsu, it was me who dragged him along. lol.

Me finally got the chance to try out the bingsu! It's definitely a must-try dessert. Definitely going to try it at Korea if i travel to Korea in the future. lol.

Peace with the beautiful decorated bingsu!

"Wake Up!"
I hope i know how to read Hangul.

Personal Thoughts:
I actually like the cozy environment there, it's a good place for friends and couples. People can just go there and chill for tea time. Although the only thing i tried was bingsu, but i think waffles should be nice too because it was sold out! I definitely will go there again to try out their waffles, it looks yummy and tempting. lol. If you have free time, maybe you should consider Caffebene? ^^

I will end this post with my casual OOTD on that day!

More info about Caffebene:

I hope you like my review. ^^


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