Animax Carnival 2014

by - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hello people!
Sorry for keeping you all waiting because my blog is currently half-dead. Due to working, i don't have much time to update it. But don't worry, today will be the day my blog revive from half-dead status!

On 29th March, i attended Animax Carnival Malaysia 2014 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Hall 2.

It's not a very big hall compared to Comic Fiesta that kinda event, but i think it's a good location since many people know there and there's KTM which can reach there easily.

So, let's see what's my experiences on that day!

I didn't expect there are so many people there outside the hall. The top floor of Mid Valley was so crowded with people and cosplayers until i can't even walk freely. There were people everywhere, some even block the walking path because they wanna take photos.

Spotted cosplayers posing for photos so i also went to take a photo of them.

My busy sister who was talking on phone.

It was quite frustrating at first because i couldn't enter the hall due to the security. They said they only can allowed up to 3000 people enter the hall, so they ask me go find a guy with white board and take number from him and queue up later. Well, i didn't do so because there were so many people queuing there. So i took a break and go look for my friend near at the bridge which connects Mid Valley and The Gardens.

Found this Alpaca and i just hold it and did a small photoshoot.

Sadly it was not mine...

But it was so cute...

I even took an OOTD photos with it.

Definitely going to buy it!

Was doing photoshoot and saw my friend, Max. lol. It was good to attend a ACG event because we can always meet new friends and those friends who we seldom meet. It's nice to catch up with them during event.

Photographer on that day, Kido.

My sister, Chelses.

My brother and sister.

 When i was almost give up on entering the hall, suddenly the uncle gave me number and said: "Now no people, you better enter now!" lol. So finally I manage to enter the hall!
It was a good idea to set up a Grafitti Wall for people to sign and doodles.

Can you spot my sign and doodle?

Astro was setting up an exhibition booth there too!

I wanted to try the game booth but sadly... too many people so ended i didn't go for it.

With a very sad mood, I randomly snap a photo with this girl who i met. lol.

There was even a photo studio set up for people to take photo so they can appear in Anime world.

There was also an activity on the stage. Comic Artist were showing their drawing skills.

After playing the games on game Booth and collected all the stamps, people can actually redeemed goodies from the Redemption Counter. (But the queue very long) lol.

The only thing i got from the booth inside the hall was this!

Met Nero outside the hall also.

And another photographer, Jourdan who took a lot of my coscard.

Finally a photo of my sister and Nero, but they too shy to stand closer with each other. lol.

Met this cute girl, Moeko Chan outside the hall, very small size and cute!

Next up! Cosplayer photos! 
Although it was less, but i spotted them! lol.

Personal Thoughts:
Actually I didn't enjoy much of the event because of the hall too small and they limit the people who went in. So for most of the time, i was wandering outside the hall and the bridge. The happy moment was when i met all my friends who still recognize me, sobs. I seldom attend events and I seldom cosplay, that's why no people recognize me. But i promise i will attend more events from now onward! 

That's all!
Hope you enjoy the post although not much photos!


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