We Love Asia 2013

by - Thursday, January 24, 2013

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I went to We Love Asia 2013 last week Sunday although it was a 2-day event (19th and 20th Jan 2013). Didn't manged to go for Day 1 because i had to stay at hoe and study on my exam which is on Monday. I was very headache about the decision making of whether want to go for the concert or just stay at home and become a bookworm. However, decision was made that i decided to go for the concert because i know if i miss this concert i will regret later. In order to make me feel no regret, i went to this We Love Asia which was held at Sepang International Circuit on Sunday.

I reached kinda early there with my boyfie and his friends because my other classmates wanna get one more extra ticket from us. Ended up the classmate reached the place quite late and we had to walk quite a long distance just to gave them the ticket. (Walked till my shoes spoil...omg) If you all follow my Facebook, you all will see one photo that i posted showing the event was so empty at first.

 photo IMG_20130120_1957411_zps52bff3c1.jpg
Empty event because it was still early.

After i delivered the ticket to my classmate and went back again, the amount of people was like 10 times more than earlier. 
 photo 20130120_214118_zps809a72d1.jpg  photo 20130120_214108_zpsd628d6d1.jpg
You can see people started dancing and drinking...because i was at drinking zone. People at drinking zone were a bit crazy because many of them were dancing all the way till party ends. hohoho...

 photo 20130120_193309_zps41103fb1.jpg  photo 20130120_214103_zps0b5caed7.jpg
Went there with my boyfie and I knew he don't wanna attend this concert because he wanna study for the next day's exam. But still, he accompanied me there because he scared later i feel sad~ How good is that..lol....

 photo 20130120_220429_zps9152d893.jpg
My classmate....XD He just wanna see Redfoo and Steve Aoki.

 photo 20130120_221951_zps998aa2e0.jpg
Party Rock started! And i'm in the middle of crowd!
And then.....

 photo 20130120_223727_zpsfe6c4c55.jpg  photo 20130120_223731_zpsf1c53ff0.jpg  photo 20130120_223737_zpsaec23e6b.jpg  photo 20130120_223733_zpsdaea582b.jpg
Here goes Redfoo of LMFAO and his Party Rock Crew!

 photo 20130120_224543_zps949408c7.jpg  photo 20130120_224549_zps9db835a5.jpg 
I got few very close shots because i was standing quite near towards the stage. But still i had to zoom in a lot to get a close photo of him.
 photo 20130120_225847_zps6924486b.jpg  photo 20130120_225842_zps77037795.jpg  photo 20130120_225823_zps5980705b.jpg  photo 20130120_225827_zpsf70ee171.jpg
The whole concert was like crazyyyyyyyyyy~
People kept on dancing, shouting, singing..........
Sadly i couldn't manage to get any photos when Redfoo and his crew took off their pants during the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It" due to my phone out of battery

However, I really enjoyed the whole concert, it was awesome!
Thanks Churp Churp for the tickets too!
Actually i came all the way to this concert just to see Redfoo. I wanna see Steve Aoki too but i just couldn't make it because i still got exam on Monday. Sorry Steve Aoki, maybe next time if you come to Malaysia again, i sure go see you. lol.

That's all for today post....XD
Wish me good luck in the upcoming exam. hahahahhahaha....

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