Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 2

by - Saturday, January 19, 2013

Again again, continue on the CF post although i had to sit for my exam next Monday  Last time was part one and now is part two. It's lot to post and i had to separate it into two parts. I was too excited for day one and i just can't skip day two of CF. How can i miss this awesome event?! Day two was held at the same place which was KLCC Convention Center. Guess what? people still queued to enter the CF on day 2!!

 photo 20121223_115850_zps63d36a8d.jpg
I cosplayed as Karen Araragi on that day from the anime Nisemonogatari with my sister as Tsukihi Araragi. Sister's cosplay on day two was awesome! Seldom see people cosplay as Karen Araragi in Malaysia. My sister said it's difficult to cosplay as Karen and i dunno why. lol...

 photo 20121223_124330_zps3b113a34.jpg
Was loitering around the hall and saw few guys holding guns. My brother requested the one of the shotguns from them. And here is it! Karen with shotgun! XD The shotgun was heavy when i hold it. If really one day, i have to fight monsters holding all these guns, i will die because it's too heavy for a girl like me. So i begin to wonder, how can i hold guns like those girl's character in Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and so on...(=.=) Imposiberu!

 photo 20121223_124240_zps75c831d5.jpg
My sister wanna shoot me and i wanna pretend like very scare, ended up failed. I look like I cover up my ears because i scare of the gun's shot.

 photo 20121223_124417_zps6126f65b.jpg
One of the most "lengzhai" photo of my brother holding machine gun. (That machine gun belong to the person next to him)...XD

 photo 20121223_155006_zps4d7e4694.jpg
Spotted this very nice Gundam cosplay by dunno who when i wanna re-entered the hall again after lunch. Nice cosplay though, wonder how this person create the costume...because assembling Gundam model not easy leh...XD

 photo 20121223_155431_zps8718823a.jpg
Pata Pata Pata Pon.......The famous Patapon! Cosplay by my friend Kido.

The most interesting yet the happiest moment on that day...
Went to Danny Choo booth just wanna see whether got chance to meet him and get his signature, but ended up he's not there at the booth. (sob sob...)
 photo IMG_0585_zpsed674300.jpg
Some more not able to get TouchNGo card on that day, made me more sad.
 photo IMG_0596_zps88f20489.jpg
Thank god for giving me a chance to meet him on that day! When my sister and I posing at the GSC booth, Danny Choo came and took photos...of us...(0.0)
 photo IMG_0598_zps45db8db2.jpg
Felt honor and asked him to have a photo with us! 

 photo IMG_0599_zps2bef417d.jpg
Happy faces happy faces~

 photo IMG_0694_zps7204e38f.jpg
Cho lucky~~ Met Ayase coincidentally too! Had a photo with her and some more got her cos card! lol

Still wanna post many photos but i scared later you all doze off halfway while reading my blog! Will update more next time in my bloggie after my exam. 

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