Samsung GALAXY 27th Golden Disk Awards!

by - Thursday, January 10, 2013

I believed everyone, maybe mostly everyone knew about the Samsung GALAXY 27th Golden Disk Awards at Sepang International Circuit that coming soon in one week times right????XD I know i know, everyone is excited about it, well I'm also, VERY EXCITED! There are so many things to be expected for that two days, because many idols and groups will be coming here, to Malaysia. Can you guys imagine what will happen on KLIA when they all arrive at Malaysia?!hehe... It will be awesome!

In the latest attendance list that posted on the Samsung GALAXY 27th Golden Disk Awards Facebook page showed all the attendees for this year's event! It's wonderful right? Two nights with all your favorite kpop songs! I've waited for this kind of events for such a long time~~Now, it's here!! 

Of course, the most i want to meet is Big Bang. Well, GD is representing Big Bang to GDA. Although the other member not coming, I believed GD will present the best performance on that day! I seriously wanna go for GDA liao~~omg...I wanna see GD lah! Always love their songs, their styles.. They are amazing and fantastic baby~ Of course i also looking forward to other groups also such as CNBLUE, SISTAR, FTISLAND, LeeHi, MissA and so on.... omg, there are so many....Hope i can watch them perform on that day!

If you all still dunno yet, Samsung is the proud main sponsor for the 27th Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Awards! Yes! Thanks to Samsung because Samsung brought this awesome event to us here in Malaysia! And Thanks to Samsung, now i'm writing blog here to win the passes to GDA! I'm praying now, hope that i can win this, please let me win as i'm using Samsung products too! hehe...XD

Of course there are still other ways to win the passes. For example The Samsung Kpop Facebook Apps. You all can go like the apps and participate in the apps. There are two ways to participate in the apps, it's either you submit the video of you dancing, singing or whatever to show your are passionate in kpop, or you can submit the comments on current entries. Well, it's a nice apps, i like the way they design the apps   actually, it's user friendly, and also I participated in the apps only by posting a comment on one of the entries as i dunno what to to for the video. The best part is....The best videos and best comments will get a chance to win the passes to GDA. To find out more about the apps, click here! and stand a a chance to win the passes!

Well, that's all~~XD (Pray that i will win~~hehe...)

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