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by - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A short update!

Had a haircut for yesterday. It was a very quick decision on the spot when the hairstylist asked me which hairstyle do i prefer. At first i wanna asked him to cut my hair to medium length but he suggested me to cut it short. Kinda sad when I wanna say "bye bye" to my long hair. Thanks my hair for accompany me these few years. But i have to say bye bye to you now.
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My long hair~~ It was very long as you can see. Looks like a small mop actually. Very sad to see so many split ends on my hairs because i didn't really take care of my hair properly.

Photobucket Photobucket 
Dyed my hair too and the color looks different in different places. I chose the lightest brown as i could because i don't want to bleach my hair. But still the color came out as dark brown. It's okay lah for me because the color is visible. If i stand under lights, the hair color will become brighter.
Many people asked why i decided to say bye bye to my long hair so suddenly.... The main reason would be i want to have a new look for my new year. Somemore short hair quite easy to take care and it dries faster after i wash my hair. It is good to have a new style for 2013!lol...

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  1. That short hairstyle suits you well, as it frame your face perfectly. Although cutting your hair eliminates the split ends, you still have to take care of your crop to prevent it from coming back. Visiting your hairstylist once a month for hair treatment would do the trick! Also, putting some conditioning masque will protect your hair from elements that can make your tresses dry. Have nice day!

    ~Tara Day

  2. Okay~~ I get it..will take care of my hair~XD Thanks.

  3. You seriously look gorgeous. No one would ever guess you have that hair cut because you had to. I think someone who didn't know you would look at you and think you are gorgeous with that hair cut. For more details discover this info here