Butterfly Soiree: Elegant Saturday Evening

by - Monday, June 26, 2017

Hello again~
Today I will be sharing something special with all of you. =)
Thanks to The Butterfly Project for the invitation to the elegant "Tai-tais style" Butterfly Soiree's session with the others beautiful butterflies at the newly refurbished Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI. It's definitely one of my best Saturday evening.

It's really nice to have such a nice session for one of my Saturday evening. I got to pampered myself from all the hectic days of working. Not only I can get the first class manicure and pedicure during the party, there's also a cocktail session by La Rose Noire & Wine Talk Malaysia too.

When I was there, I was so happy to see the nicely decorated desserts on the serving table. It definitely brightens up my day because I really like sweet things. =)

I don't feel like eating it because it's too pretty!

Definitely amazed by this Eiffel Tower which was decorated by macaroons.
Thanks to La Rose Noire for all these awesome desserts.

To further perfect the dessert session, we have the chance to pair it with a slightly bubbly and sweet Moscato white wine. All thanks to Wine Talk Malaysia for the white wine. I'm not a wine person but I really like the wine of that day. 

It's really good to have the expert to further explain about the desserts and the wine. I really did learned a lot especially about the desserts. (Not really know about other desserts except macaroons, lol.) 

The party started with a talk given by the founder, Sereen.
She was also very kind to showed us around the newly renovated Posh! Nail Spa, which was a good chance for me to explore more about the place.

The indoor environment decoration was so minimalism with simple white and dark colors design. It's very cozy and comfortable environment to spend your time here.

The nail polish colors selection display on the wall.

Award trophies and some nail arts decorations.

The huge wall background decorated with some beauty things such as nail polish, nail art inspiration designs and makeup brush. They said they will put on more things to make it even more pretty. It's definitely a good background for nice photos.

More nail arts display. 

Makeup section which is like a dream for me.
I always wish to have a makeup area just like this in my room, I believe every girl does dream to have one of this awesome makeup section just for themselves.

Equipped with a huge collection of makeup tools.

Then, we have the Nail Artist explained about her nail art inspirations.

These were all designed by her.
I really like the pastel colorful set on the top right side in the photo.

Munching on Macaroons.
I really like sweet stuffs, definitely a good chance for me to grab a few different desserts to eat during the evening. La Rose Noire did spoil me with their desserts, taste so good.

I pretty into this one, discovered this new desserts, Les Petitclairs, thanks to La Rose Noire.

Finally met her, Rachell during this evening session after so many events.
Thanks to her for bringing me around to know more butterflies~

And then, here began my "Tai-tai's" lifestyle for the day.
We can have either manicure or pedicure express service on that day. Since most of my nail color on my toes were completely came off, I decided to go for the pedicure.
Finally can get rid of my old nail colors and move on with new one.

Can see my expression, super happy and satisfied with the service~

For the pedicure, we were able to choose up to two colors for our toes nail.
I chose to go with only normal plain colors for my toes since I wanted it to be simple and neat. Since there were a lot of color selections by Posh! I kinda had a difficult time in choosing the right colors to dress up my toes nail.

Thank you for the nice service.

Please forgive my super ugly toes. lol.
The color I chose was a plain dark purple. It was a bit too plain, so I decided to add some glitters on my two big toes nail for a little bit of 'bling bling'. The reason why I prefer a darker colors for my toes nail was because I believe that dark color toes nail can make my leg looks whiter. Lol.

Pretend to be Tai-tais again in this photo. 
Thanks Nicole for helping me to take this photo, she was so kind and I was a bit surprised that she offered to take photo for me. I really appreciate it. =)
I was actually reading their booklet (Not pretending ya..) while waiting for my toes nail's colors to dry completely. Normal nail colors need more time to dry up so if you are going to do normal nail colors (not the gel color) then you will have to be patient and wait for like... roughly two hours for it to dry. And remember to bring sandals/slippers to change on because you will not want to spoil your nails color. =)

The end results of my toes nail color.
And also the end of my 'tai-tais' lifestyle. lol.

It's definitely a well-spent evening at Posh! Nail Spa. =)

For more details:
Posh! Nail Spa: http://www.poshnailspa.my/
Wine Talk Malaysia: https://winetalk.com.my/

Extra session with Posh!Nail Spa...
I actually got some vouchers for my next visit, which was so awesome. June is my birthday month and I really excited to get my nails done by using these vouchers.

I'm so happy to have my nails done before my birthday and I really like the colors. Accidentally found this colors that change from blue to purple under certain light condition. It's really a nice gel colors. Along with the blue purple colors, I also paired it with a glittery light purple color, the best colors combination ever! (based on my own opinion)

That's all for my review.
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