1028 Visual Therapy Unbox & Review

by - Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hello again!
Today I'm going to update about a beauty box that I received recently and it's the...

*Drum Rolls.......*

The products from 1028 Visual Therapy!

A little bit about 1028 Visual Therapy:
1. 1028 is an inspiring date of the brand!
    Discovering various beautiful face of every girl.

2. 1028 is customized, high-fashion makeup brand for Asian!
    Caring consumer insides to design and develop products for Asian skin and contour.

3. 1028 is expressing people who you are !
    Girls find their confident self back by 1028 Visual Therapy.

To further explain and present the contents inside the box, I made a YouTube video for the unbox.
Click on below video to watch:

There are total of 6 products in the box.

1. 1028 Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream SPF30 PA++
  • Ultra lightweight cream
  • Incredible coverage
  • Instantly corrects:
    • Dullness
    • Dark Spots
    • Redness
  • Provides deep hydration
2. 1028 Long Wear Eyebrow Definer (No.2 Dark Brown)
  • Perfect control to create the desired eyebrow shape with the rhombus-tip pencil
  • Customized groomer helps seamlessly blending for a natural brow look
3. 1028 Infinity Long Wear Eyeliner (Black)
  • Creates intense black line with just one stroke
  • Smudge-proof
  • Tear-proof
  • Precise application
4. 1028 Miracle Extension Mascara
  • Endlessly extends your lashes to infinity
  • Innovative velvet cream base mascara
  • Creates the curly lashes that is:
    • Boldest
    • Thickest
    • Gravity defying
  • Smudge-proof
  • Water resistant
  • Contains:
    • Soybean extract
    • Hydrating factor-Trehalose
  • Moisturizing and straightening eyelashes
5. 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder
  • Ultimate non drying oil control
  • Double matte finish
  • Provides long wearing colour
  • Transforming excess oil into natural glow
  • Minimizing appearance of pores
6. 1028 Mont Blanc Eye-shadow Kit
  • Consists of 6 earth tone shades
  • Suitable for elegant and charming look
Swatches on hand.

A little bit on how I knew about 1028 Visual Therapy:
I knew about 1028 Visual Therapy for quite some time and I actually bought and tried some of their products during my previous trip to Taiwan. I personally owned their Brownie Eye-shadow Kit and Concealer.

I really like their Eye-shadow kit since before because the color was so pigmented. Furthermore, it is smudge-proof, water resistance and sweat-proof. I can assure it since I really tested it out by wearing the eye-shadow makeup and went to gym. Sweat a lot during exercises but my eyes makeup still look fabulously nice, lol.

Thanks to The Butterfly Project and 1028 Visual Therapy for the opportunity to review the products. Thanks to them, I can try out more of their products. After tried out all these, I personally prefer the CC Essence Cream and the Mascara. 

First, the CC Essence Cream was so good. The formula was good because it feels super light on my face. The coverage was good as it can covers my pores well and make me look flawless. It is quite long lasting because it sits on my face for quite a long time (my normal working hours). It did not dry up my face. And most importantly, it did not become cakey and patchy which is a plus point for me. Another thing that I'm concern about is the scent, well, it smells okay. lol.

Second, the mascara was good too. It did make my lashes looks longer, thicker and black. It is very easy to apply and it holds the curl well. Most importantly, it's easy to remove. Sometimes, I don't really like to wear mascara because it is very troublesome to remove the mascara. But for the 1028 mascara, it is very easy to remove by eyes makeup remover and warm water. 

If you are interested in their products, please do visit their Facebook page:

You may also find their products at Watsons Malaysia.

That's all for my review.

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