The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party

by - Sunday, July 09, 2017

Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to blog about the community that I joined since long time ago. I never really thought about how long I joined The Butterfly Project until the party day. Each of us has to tell everyone there about how long we've been with The Butterfly Project. Well, I kinda calculated the years, that's the time when I realized that I joined the community during the first year. And, 4 years passed, it's really hard to believe that time flies so fast without us knowing.

That's why, thanks to Tammy for the invitation to join The Butterfly 4th Birthday Party. I really glad to be at the party and also be part of the community.
The party was held at Hello Deer, Damansara Utama on 20th May 2017.

Greeted by this big black board.
Everyone was writing their wishes and doodling on the board.
I wrote something on it too!
"Happy Birthday, The Butterfly Project!"

Greeted by cupcakes, cakes, snacks, food and so much more.

Everything at the party was so pretty and dreamy. I really like the party decoration, simple and pastel. The dress code was pastel too, so everyone came in a really nice pastel outfit. Everything was so pastel. 

The party started with a welcome speech by Leonard and Tammy. Then moved on to the most excited session which is the Unboxing Session with Sydney.
There was a goodies bag on every seat when we entered the venue, and it was filled with a lot of products inside. I was so surprised by the amount of products inside, seriously it was a lot. Everyone was so happy about it including me. I was "Unbag-ing" it like a happy kid who received a huge present bag, I really have to thank all the sponsors for all the products inside. (I felt like it was my birthday, lol.)

I was so happy to take a photo with this setup. Thanks to Dash, Zoelie and Candace for the help in setting up all the products.

And I did an Unbag video for the Birthday Bag too!
Hope you all like my video sharing =)

The party was kinda casual. Basically it was like a huge gathering for all the butterflies to know each other more. 
Photo with Dash and she's a Beauty Youtuber. 
I really like all her videos and her makeup is very nice.

Photo with Candace and she's a blogger.
Met her during previous event and became friend. =)

Photo with Eros and he's a blogger, Youtuber and photographer for the party.
I really like all the photos he took, really nice~

Photo with Zoelie, she's a blogger and YouTuber.
Discovered her channel and noticed she played Mystic Messenger too.

Photo with Ben Dan.
Long time no see and finally met at the party. =)

Photo with Janice.
Met at the party and got to take a photo with her too~

The VVIP for the party, Tammy.
The founder of The Butterfly Project.
Thank you for creating the community.
Thank you for bringing us together.
Thank you for everything.

Photo by Eros
At the end of the party, there was a prize giving ceremony. 
There were 2 contests during the party, the best Butterfly Party Makeup and the Best Birthday Unboxing Instagram Sharing. I won the consolation prize for he Instagram Sharing contest. It was really unexpected because I thought there were only 3 prizes for the Instagram Sharing contest. They decided to add in more prizes at the very last minute and I won one of it. Sadly, I don't have any photos for that moment (Really happy until forgot to take photo, lol.)

Lastly, my makeup of the day. #motd
Pastel and flower theme for the party.

Once again, Happy Birthday to The Butterfly Project!

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