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by - Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Hi people!
Today I'm going to introduce my YouTube channel to you all. lol.

I opened the channel for quite some time but never really upload any video because I simply have no idea what to upload. The previous videos in my channel was mostly some of the events vlog, singing video, gaming video, and challenge video, which were quite a lot but not consistence.

I tends to procrastinate when it comes to filming a video. I wanted to make videos but I just too lazy. But now, I realized that I can't continue on to be a lazy girl. So, I planned to start all over again on my YouTube channel. And since the brand new year -- 2015 is around the corner, I really wanna set some new targets and maintaining my blog and YouTube channel were part of it.

My channel will have a lot of different types of videos but it will be more specific for beauty products review and events vlog. I like to buy a lot of beauty products and I really wanna learn more in beauty so that is the reason why I wanna make videos for it. And for event vlog, it will be more towards cosplay-related events or maybe some other events because I like it. lol.

Now, I'm blogging about my channel here in my blog...just to promote my channel lah... lol. So, please do support my channel and subscribe to my YouTube channel. lol. I will be thankful and happy. Hahahahaha.

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Thank you.

That will be the post for today.
Stay tuned for the next post.

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