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by - Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hello people!!!

Today going to share about the preview of BE Creative Make Up that I had attended early this month. Thanks to The Butterfly Project once again for the invitation and thanks Muse by Watsons for having me for this event. 

The event was held on 8th November 2014 from 2.30 pm till 5.00 pm at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid. The event actually request us to attend the event with bare face, because there was a makeover session there.

Everyone of us actually got the chance to choose one of the makeup theme for the makeover session. The one that I chose was BE romantic

The moment I reached there, there were already some blogger started their makeover session. The makeup artists there were so friendly and one of them also guided me to an empty seat for the makeover.

Although they request us to attend with bare face, but I can't... I just can't walk all the way at SUnway Pyramid without makeup on my face. lol. So I went there with light makeup. Before the makeover session, the makeup artist removed my makeup but luckily he let me kept my eyebrow. (Can't live outside without drawing my eyebrow).

Sorry for my camera's shadow on my neck. lol.
Went through the makeover session and here's the results! (Still not getting use to eye shadows, feels weird...) But I like the lipstick color! If I remembered correctly, it was color 005 for BE Creative Make Up Intense Lipstick. I normally won't go for this kind of red lipstick but now i will reconsider it. For my skin tone, the makeup artist suggested the Diamond Dew Glow Foundation to have that dewy effect. My makeup was flawless.

Thank you very much for the makeup.

Then it was the time to take selfie! Can you see my lucky number in the photo?

Still not used to the eye shadow. lol.

There even have a photograph corner for bloggers to take a photo of their makeover's results. The photos was printed out and gave to the bloggers.

Briefing and sharing session for all of us to know more about BE Creative Make Up.

Photo with the PR.

The lucky girl who won the lucky draw.

Refreshment were also prepared for all the bloggers.

The product range for BE Creative Make Up.
There were foundation, pressed powder, intense lipstick, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara and so on for you to choose from... The one I preferred is their foundation because it really stays on my face for longer time. I actually sweat a lot during the makeover session and the foundation still there on my face. Even if the makeup artist wipe my sweat with tissue paper, the foundation still there on my face. And the other thing that I like is the Intense Lipstick. Have a quick look on all the color range and some of the colors were nice.

The setup of the product. 

Door Gift!
Everyone of us actually got a door give from Muse by Watsons. 

I was surprised that they included the Intense Lipstick and Foundation in the door gift bag. Now I can use it for my daily makeup. The eye shadow that I chose was color 017, Dessert, which I personally thought that it will be more suitable for me. The Intense Lipstick I got was color 020, Happy and the Foundation I got was the Diamond Dew Glow Foundation.

The balloon I got from the event.

Thanks for the invitation, it was a great experience for me. Thanks for the door gifts too. I was a happy girl on that day. 

BE Beautiful, BE Yourself.

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