Christmas With 1 Utama

by - Monday, December 15, 2014

Hello people!

Finally, it's December and new year is around the corner. But before new year, it's Christmas!
December is a festive month full of merry and joy everywhere. And thanks to The Butterfly Project again for the invitation the 1 Utama Christmas Launch on 3rd December 2014.

For this year, 1 Utama Christmas theme for this year is 'Rustic Woodland Christmas Love & Joy'. It's very fantasy, warm, cozy and joyful theme for me and it feels like we are all in fairy tale. Everyone is going to like all these decorations because the Christmas theme is so pretty.

Juize By Five

The first thing first right after I registered myself, I was asked to go for this booth and get myself a customized key chain. 
Super nice as I can select one of the charm and wrote down my name for them to customized my key chain. 

While waiting for the key chain to be done, the desserts and food attracted me.


All these thanks to Betjeman & Barton.

If you like tea, you should try their teas too.

The venue for the media launch. Very nice decorated for the stage.

Met Janice after so long time.

Met Kahmon too.

Selfie with all the decorations!

Selfie with Lion.

The host for the day! 

Met Shivani too after such a long time.

Christmas is just so pretty!
 Because cute and pretty decorations were set up everywhere. All these just made me feel happy.

Zoomed in to the stage!

The media launch started!

Director of 1 Utama gave his welcome speech.

All the VIPs. The 1 Utama Christmas launch was launched.

Group photos with all the performers from Aurora Performing Art Centre.

Another group photo of VIPs and performers from Loving Gaia Musical Show.

Performance by Loving Gaia.

 Totally in love with the youngest performers, lol. She's so cute.

Performance by Aurora Performing Art Centre. Their performance was awesome which was full of dancing and singing.

So what you waiting for? Go to 1 Utama and meet all these furry friends and have a cozy Christmas altogether! Meet chubby polar bears, squinty-eyed foxes, squirrels, owls, raccoons, penguin and many other characters and take a photo with them during this festive season. There will be snow-capped Christmas trees decorated with fairy lights and ornaments in the mall, it will be joy and happiness everywhere.

Not to forget some activities that 1 Utama have prepared for everyone such as performaneces, dancing, singing and so much more!
There's also activities exclusively for kids during these festive season. There will be workshops for kids to join in, make their own crafts and arts to take home and share with their family and friends. 

That's not all!
There's more rewards for 1 Utama's shoppers! Gifts like ONECARD cash vouchers, Body Shop gift set, trolley  bag, 1 Utama desk calendar and so much more waiting for all the shoppers to bring them home. 1 Utama's exclusive Christmas Partner, Maybank is also giving away a Canvas Tote! Get ready to shop at 1 Utama for this coming Christmas! Happy shopping at 1 Utama!

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