MGACE 2014

by - Friday, December 26, 2014

Hello people!
Today's post will be an event post. I should apologize for such delay as I actually missed out this post because it is buried among all my draft posts. Anyway, I shall start blogging about it too.

So the event that I'm going to blog about was the MGACE 2014 that was held on 25th and 26th October at INTI International University.The venue was very far from my house and thanks to my friend Eclair for the ride there. 
I didn't cosplay for that day because I'm a media on that day.

Badges for sale.

I actually wanna buy one but I don't know where should I put it so ended up I didn't buy it. lol.

Accessories for mianly... girls.

They even have a Game Station on the upper floor.

Artist on the move! Drawing and Illustrating.

Eclair with big boobs on that day. lol.

Nico Nico Nii~

Riko~ Handsome oh.

Personal thought 1:
The event area was smaller than I expected and it's complicated and difficult to walk around. All the booths were hidden and I don't really attracted to the booths because all of them just scattered around everywhere and will be easily missed out by me. I knew that they designed their event area in such way might be mainly because they want everyone to walk through all the booths but...I just find it quite troublesome. lol. (No offense) However the cosplayer on that day was more than I expected. Hehe, I can see cosplayer everywhere walking around... 

Went to attend the Fans meeting according to the schedule they provided to me.

Onnies, glad that she looked at my camera.

Finally got a photo with Hana, Baozi and Onnies.
It was such a regret that I didn't get the chance to interview them.
First time meeting Baozi and Hana and they are so goo looking. 
I met Onnies before, she's still so pretty... (Shy~)

A group photo with everyone!

One of their fans gave them the banner and they like it. 

Personal thought 2:
I was quite shock that the fan meeting started earlier than the schedule time which I received, ended up I missed out the questions that the cosplayer guests has answered. Which means that I basically didn't get any information from the guests and I just went there and took a photo with them. I was quite frustrated because I knew nothing as a media. Most of the time I just loitering around doing nothing. I really appreciate the opportunity given to me because I was able to meet the guests in such a close distance but I almost can't meet the guest too due to some issues. Somehow, things ended nicely and I was happy...overall.

Onnies stage time!
She even prepared dance performance for all her supporters! (Thumbs UP.)

Okay, this will conclude my blog post for MGACE as I was not able to attend the Day 2 event due to my personal reason. I knew that there might be lot of complains from me but I did enjoyed the event too. I heard from other people that MGACE was a good event for the year too. Anyway, I appreciate for all the opportunity given to me on that day. Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to your future events too.

Thank you.

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