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by - Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Hello people~
It's 2015 and the first post for this year will be a review post for... (drumrolls...)


Bmon Cafe!

(As appreciation speech first huh...)
First of all, I have to thank Jeff for inviting me to visit Bmon Cafe and tried out almost all their food on the menu. And also a big THANK YOU for Bmon Cafe to have me and other bloggers on that day. Thank you very much.

首先,我得感谢Jeff邀请我到Bmon Cafe,还让我有机会试吃他们菜单上的食物。在此也要感谢Bmon Cafe邀请和欢迎我们。

To be honest, it was my first time heard of Bmon Cafe, I don't know about this cafe until Jeff told me. Since the review session was after my working hour, I decided to dropped by after my work.

说真的,在Jeff告诉我关于Bmon Cafe之前,我完全是不知道Bmon Cafe的存在。恰巧试吃的时间刚好在下班后,所以就答应会过去一趟。

My first thought after I entered the cafe was: How come this cafe so nice one? Everything were so well-decorated and cute! 


The moment you are in the cafe, you will notice one thing which is quite obvious to everyone... The characters that appear on the wall and decorations. Actually Bmon(必梦) is the name of the main character on all the decorations and designs. Bmon was created by Roy, the owner of this cafe. 
The environment there was super cozy and comfortable. If you are really stress out someday, you can drop by Bmon Cafe because you will feel better in such a cute environment.

身在这件咖啡厅,一定会注意到墙上的壁画,所有壁画的设计都是围绕着一个名叫【必梦】的主角。听说这主角是这间咖啡厅的老板,Roy画的,非常的有心思。整个咖啡厅给人的感觉就非常的舒服,放松。如果哪天感到很压力,不妨拜访Bmon Cafe吧,环境真的很适合放松心情呢。

And the second thought that popped up in my mind was: This cafe is so suitable for photo shoot. Everything was so nice!

对于Bmon Cafe的第二印象就是:这间咖啡厅真的太适合用来拍摄,因为所有东西都好漂亮。

It also a nice place for friends and families to meet up and have their discussion or gathering. Bmon Cafe also give 10% discounts to all the students, so it is a good place for students to have their group studies.

Bmon Cafe也适合家人或是朋友们聚会的好地方。至于所有的同学们,在Bmon Cafe用餐你们还可以享有10%的折扣呢,很适合和朋友们一起聚餐哦。

If you can draw or your hand writings are nice, feel free to leave a note on the notice board set up near the entrance. It was super adorable to have this kinda thing. Sadly, I didn't leave any note there because I cannot draw nicely. lol...


They serve drinks...mostly coffee.

They also serve desserts, mainly cakes.

Since I went there for food review also, I got the chance to try out their food and... desserts and... drinks. 


All Day Breakfast (RM16.90)
It was a very huge portion of breakfast for me since I eat less in the morning. It tastes nice.

Salad (RM10.90)
Also another huge bowl of salad, definitely more than enough for a person. Recommended to share it with your friend or family so you won't get too full for only the salad.

Mushroom/Chicken/Tuna Wrap(RM12.90)

Mushroom/Chicken/Tuna Wrap(RM12.90)
The wrap is nice too, but I'm not really into wrap too. 
I think this is suitable for snack time.

Mushroom Pizza(RM13.90)

Hawaiian Pizza(RM13.90)
Pizza crust was very thin and crispy. Yummy~ 

Tuna/Chicken Sandwich(RM13.90)

Turkey Ham Sandwich(RM14.90)
I think this and the Tuna/Chicken Sandwich are suitable for breakfast too. 
Not too heavy for a breakfast and more than enough for a breakfast.

A huge portion for me. 
Actually some people said it should taste a bit more sour but I think it's okay for me. 
I like it.

Chicken Carbonara(RM13.90)
For me, it's a huge portion. I'm not really into carbonara but my boy said it's delicious.

Hippo In The Pond(RM14.90)

The cheese sauce will be pour onto the dish.

Believe me, this is super delicious and it is very suitable for a group of 4 people. The portion is huge, it is delicious, and it is affordable! Somemore it is very limited, I heard they serve only 5 dishes per day. (If I remembered correctly)

Chocolate Mud with Ice-cream (RM10.00)
This is super yummy.
 I like chocolate a lot so this is definitely my favorite if compare to the waffle.


Green Tea Latte(RM11/RM12)


Their Christmas Drink

I think this is Mojito if I'm not mistaken.

Macchiato? I forgot what is this. Sorry...


I think these are mostly all the food in the menu. I was so happy to try out all their food, everything is so delicious and mostly in huge portion.


They also having set menu during lunch hour too.

In case you all need a summary of the food menu, here is it!

Thanks to Bmon Cafe for having my boy during the review session too. (*Appreciate*)
也要谢谢Bmon Cafe让我的男友参与。(感动催泪中……)

Met Siew Cheng there too.
也遇见了朋友,Siew Cheng。

The cafe's owner's brother, Travis.

Personal Thoughts:
I was glad that I attended the food review session at Bmon Cafe. Never thought I did found another nice place to chill with my boy or friends, definitely will visit again someday. Overall, nice food, nice drinks, nice desserts with super affordable price. The environment was comfortable and cozy enough for people to relax and have a cup of coffee. And...Super cute and nice indoor decorations and designs! I was pretty much in love with everything there. Thank you for having me for the food review session.


For more info:
Bmon Cafe Instagram:
Bmon Cafe Contact: 03-6158 9993
Bmon Cafe Location: No 8-1, Jalan PJU 5/20B, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am(Mon - Fri), 11:00 am - 12:00 am(Sat - Sun)

That's all.

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