Short Trip to Penang!

by - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

It's been a long time since last update and only I realized I only updated two blog posts last month! OMG, again... My blog is slowly dying...

Here am I to stop it from dying and disappear because I'm going to update it with my Penang Trip's post.

As I updated my blog last time, I attended Mini Comic Fiesta at Penang Times Square for Day 1. So as for the next day, I actually went to explore Penang by cycling around. It's been long time since I last visited Penang, so it was the time for me to see the change of Penang. 

Long time didn't went back to Penang and for what I see now, there were a lot of wall painting arts around Penang streets. But my aunt told me that some of the paintings were ruined or destroyed by some people, why must you people did that to a painting?!

It was very hot at Penang...Cycling around without hat will definitely get sunburn on top of my head. It was good to have a hat or cap. lol. Nowadays at Penang, you can easily rent a bicycle and cycle around Penang.

More and more paintings and arts can be seen around the streets.

Sometimes you must search for the paintings because they were hidden somewhere at the corner, alleys or behind the streets. You have to put in some efforts in searching for the paintings.

I think this painting was quite famous. Saw a lot of people taking photos with it. lol.

Two kids with the bicycle!
Finally found it.

Found another paintings at some shop lots' corner. lol.

Had prawn mee for lunch at Penang. 
The taste was definitely better than those in KL. lol. 

It was a surprised to see such a big wall arts in a restaurant. lol.
I definitely won't notice this painting if I didn't go there for lunch.

With my pretty aunt who brought us cycling around.

The painting was nice and real.

Found this antique sewing machine and i asked my sister to pray towards it but my sister don't want to do that. So ended up I posed and took a photo with it. lol.

After lunch, we cycle to a small harbor village because my aunt said wanna eat durian puff and yogurt ice cream. They told me that the durian puff was delicious and I should try it out since I was there.
Tadaaa... a streets with so much different feels compared to KL.
It was very relaxing and peaceful.
Even simply posed for a photo also very nice. (T_T)

Mu sister, brother and aunt who was blocked by my brother.

It was nice to look at sea because I like it. But that was too sunny for me. Can't even open my eyes because of the bright sun.

It was the most wonderful thing to have a yogurt ice cream under that hot weather of Penang! This one was the drogon fruit flavor and we also bought another one which was durian flavor. I prefer the dragon fruit flavor because of it's sweet-sour taste.

Durian Puffs!
Unfortunately I couldn't bring it back to KL because it has to keep at cool temperature.

Taste just right, not too sweet or plain.
It was good to serve it during hot weather.

The special feature of the village... It was built on the sea~
They put a lot of plastic bucket under the house just to support the whole building.

After that, we cycled a long way to the sea side and rest a bit. Then my sister discovered a place and asked to go with her.
We paid and went into the place. The moment we stepped into the place, we saw Francis Light's statue. It was kinda cool and my brother took a photo with him.

Accidentally found a place that same height with a building's roof top. For me, I think it's a good place to have a photo shooting for Assassin's Creed cosplay.

Pretend to step onto the roof top. lol.

My brother.

My sister and I.
And this concluded my short trip to Penang.

I really starting to miss all those relaxing days without working and stress. I hope sooner or later I can pause all the works and start travelling again.

That's all.

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