Comic Fiesta Mini 2014

by - Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello people~
Today have to blog about Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 which held on 27 - 28 September at Penang Times Square

Since it was at Penang, I decided to take a flight there with my sister and brother. I decided to attend this year Mini CF was mainly because of the guests. Well, let's just go on with my Mini CF experiences.

This year, I was fully anticipated for the whole event, expecting it to be awesome but... it was just average for me. The location of the event was small, it obviously can't fit all the crowd there so that was the one point I dislike about the event. The other issue was, very less amount of stuffs and booth. So basically there was nothing to see but only the guests.

Since i didn't get any chances to speak or meet the guests, I took the chance to walk around the event area. But sorry to say that, there was actually nothing much to see though.

This could be the best thing I saw during the whole event, but it was hidden somewhere at the corner and I nearly didn't see it. So much cuteness and it was pretty.

The next best thing of the event was this printing on the floor. You will saw a very 3D image if you watched it from certain angle. It was good to have this kind of thing around for people to see and take photo. Thumbs up for this.

There were also a some paintings and illustrations from artist too.It was exhibited on a small section of board and it could be easily spotted if you walked by it.

Noticed some dolls at a booth. Always attracted by them because they are pretty.

They always look good in every photos.

The doujin booths for the day.
People were busying selling things and buying things. Actually I bought some stuffs from some of the booths too as souvenir for my bf.

Too cool for me not to take a photo of it. 
This Iron Man just simply awesome.

Miyuko when at her very own fans meeting. 
She was busy signing autographs for all her fans.

I saw Angie, Ying Tze and Misa during the Cosplay Competition. 
They were judging the competition with a very serious look in this photo. lol.

Again, I saw them posing for photos.

Pretty Angie.

Cute Misa don't wanna let go of the panda, Michael because it's too cute.

Took photo with my brother.

And my sister.

Again my sister and her friend.

This put me to a thought... 
Why cosplayer wanna cover his face when I took a photo? lol.

Well, these were basically what I have for the Day 1 Mini CF. not much though but it was just a simple experience for me. And I only went for Day 1... so I'm sorry to say that I will not be updating about the Day 2 Mini CF. 

As for what i think about the whole event, it's not what I was expecting and it was just average for me. However, I was happy to see more and more people cosplay as the character they like and I wish to see more people loving anime, manga or games. lol. 

I will be attending MGACE  for this coming weekend too. Hope to meet more people there and take a selfie. lol.

That's all for my update.

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