Ridley's Diary [2]: Eventful Time

by - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hello people!!!
Finally have some time to update my bloggie again. Blog is still the best way to express my feelings during these stress life. (>.<)

Last month from mid of My till beginning of June was extremely busy with a lot of things and of course assignments. I felt so guilty for not updating my blog but i was so busy and exhausted to even open my laptop whenever i'm at home. Even if i have free time, i will choose to sleep rather than doing other things.

Well, let's not continue on ranting and proceed with what happened recently...

Attended my baby boy's brother's wedding dinner last month and he was all dressed up nicely for that day. So we decided to take a photo together since he was so good looking. (≧▽≦)

Not only him, i also dressed up nicely too with pink dress.

 Photo credits to The Butterfly Project.
Before the wedding dinner, i also attended the Hair Depot Makeover Challenge and won a auto spin curler. lol. Super happy...

Not only attending events, both of us also need to rush for our assignments since all the due dates were around the corner. 
Although i handed in all the assignments now, i still have exams and fyp yet to be done. (╥﹏╥) It was so stressful and so many things to do in such a short period.

I was so stressed up and kept on complaining about how stressful am i to my boy. And then he brought me to Caffe Bene to have Bingsu~ (*╹▽╹*)

Thanks to him for understanding me and bear with all my stupid complains. I knew he was tired with all the assignments but still he made me smile. (/ ゚▽゚)/

To thank him, i also made him a pancake for his breakfast and he was so happy about it and ate it all. 

He also brought me to see the Transformer Exhibition at Mid Valley because i was talking about it oftenly. We took photos separately and i made it into collage with nice stickers. Super in love with Line Camera because it provides a lot of cute stickers.

Attended gathering at One City too and took some nice photos on the Sky Park with my friends. Super in love with this group photos and I hope we can meet again in other events. lol.

Photo credits to The Butterfly Project.
During the end of the month of May, i also attended the Eskayvie Bloggers Event. I'm glad to be one of the bloggers to attend this event because i got to learn more about the products and knowledge about beauty.

If you all notice... If lah.... you all notice, lol... i'm actually a tuition teacher. It was so lovely to see my students drew such a cute drawings with a big smile. It actually brightened up my day. 

I also attended Astro OlaBola Party the other day thanks to Churp Churp. It was fun there and i finally knew more about World Cup. lol. (*Not a sports lover*) 

Okay, finished with all my stories and now would like to share some things that i bought and discovered recently.
Went to BookXcess one day and my boy discovered this cute bottle with misleading messages on it. lol. 

And ended up, it's a very normal sentence. lol.
I didn't buy the bottle because i still have my bottle now, lol. But it was very cute.

Bought a basket to store all my nail polish products nicely.
The basket was bought at Daiso. I pretty in love with Daiso when it came to room decorating stuffs. If you wanna buy some deco stuffs or some cute baskets like this to store your things, Daiso might be the best place to visit. lol.

One of my students went to Korea and helped me get part of these products that i wanted so much. It was extremely cheap when they bought it there compared to Malaysia. lol. Thanks~ Some other products were recommended by her mom. Will do some reviews for all this products.

My sister also brought some nice cakes back for me from Starbucks. Thanks to her i have nice cakes to eat.

Also another product from Daiso, the hanger for my bags. As you can see from the photo, the hanger actually hangs on the door. So it's very easy to use. And i seriously need a hanger to hang all my bags.

Can guess what i bought for supper the other day?

Bear Paw...
First time having it after it launched in Malaysia. lol.
It tastes like burger. lol. But it's nice.

I think that's all for my updates of the month. lol.
I end my post with one of my ootd the other day. lol.

Stay tuned for next update.

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