My Style ~ Doodles [Part 2]

by - Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello people~

It's been a long time since i last updated my blog due to studies and part time job. lol.
Recently i got the opportunity to try on Surface Pro which came with Pen during the DGCFC Hackathon and guess what i did at first when i get my hands on this device? I opened Photoshop and doodle on it. lol.

The first doodle by me.

Yup, it was so bored at that time because i couldn't access the Internet at that time. So i tried to doodle the boy that sit opposite to me. lol. It was a very random and simple doodle but i kinda like it.

After completed the first doodle, I was so in the mood to start the second doodle. lol.
The second doodle by me.

This drawing was inspired by the character in Dumb Ways to Die. lol. I was playing that game recently and the characters was so simple and cute. However, i think i drew till it looked like a potato. lol. All the other things were randomly added by me afterwards to make it more... cute? lol.

Then another doodle by me when i was so bored and free.
The third doodle by me.

It's kinda girly for the whole doodle with a little girl and a black cat. lol. The sun and clouds were the last to add in to this doodle. I have no idea why i drew the cat there, just random. lol.

I wish i have a Surface Pro too so i can doodle more. lol. But it's out of my budget for now. lol.

That's all.

Happy White Day everyone!


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