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by - Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hello people!
I'm here to blog about something bored again just to update you all about my books purchase at Kinokuniya last weekend.

I got the book vouchers last week and i was so excited... Ended up i spent it all at Kinokuniya on last Saturday. (=.=)
But i'm a good sister because i bought books for my little sister and brother too~ lol.

So, what have i bought?

Basically i bought books with less words and more towards picture. Those books are to cute to resist, how can i not buy? 

As you can see, i bought 3 弯弯's books because i like it. Like her drawings a lot because it's simple and funny and cute. I also bought a book to learn how to draw nicer and...prettier. It's a Japanese book, and it teach people how to draw cute stuffs. Why Japan got so many cute books, if can i surely will buy all but it's a bit expensive... So i decided to put most of the books back to the book shelf. 

I hope i got more book vouchers, RM 250 is seriously not enough to buy books. Do you know how expensive is it to buy books? lol. 

However, that's all for today.
I know it's a very short post... lol... A review post will be up in next few days.


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