Kanata Hoshikawa (Maid Ver.) [Photoshoot]

by - Friday, March 07, 2014

Good evening everyone~~

I finally got time to update my blog~
Today i'm going to share the photoshoot that i did on the end of January with my sister Chelses and the pretty Angie.
It was a very impromptu photoshoot because we kinda decided it during Culture Japan Night on December. It was so impromptu that i couldn't believe Angie will be able to join us for the photoshoot. lol. 

It was a lot of events happened during that day because the venue that we chosen at first is not suitable for photoshoot that day. So ended up we have to change the venue to Angie's house. Thanks to Angie for providing her living room as venue so that the whole photoshoot was able to conduct smoothly.

There were not much photo taken on that day but still i sorted out few photos and edited it for this post!

So let's have a look on the group photos!

 For individual photos!

 And the photo i like the most!

It was a simple yet short photoshoot. However, all the photos were nice and i like it to the max. ^^
Individual photos were taken mostly by lying down on the floor. Glad that Angie have so many cute things in her house that can be used as decoration. And the macaroons... lol...

Lastly, a photo with Angie and Chelses. Thanks for spending your time for this photoshoot! ^^ 
And of course i must thank the photographer too! Thanks Fritz for all the photos.

That's all for today.


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  1. Awww~~ I really like the concept of lying down for the photos. It looks straight out of an illustration :D