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by - Sunday, May 07, 2017

Photos from Eros.
Hello again~
First of all, I'm going to wish The Butterfly Project "Happy Birthday!".

I joined The Butterfly Project since end of Year 2013 and I really glad that I joined the community. It's great to know more people that are sharing the same passion as me. Throughout all the events and gatherings, I always learned something new. I really appreciate the years with The Butterfly Project, thanks Tammy for creating such a nice community.

The Butterfly Project decided to hold their 4th Birthday Party on 29th April 2017 at Hello Deer. The birthday party was sponsored by Jerlynn'L, a big thanks to Jerlynn'L for making it  happened. Thanks for the invitation and it's great to join the birthday party together with all the beautiful butterflies.

As you can see from the poster, the theme for the birthday party was Garden Tea Party (yellow) + Flower headband. Believe me, it was really difficult to find a yellow nice dress. I was so lucky that I managed to find a suitable outfit that suited the dress code on that day. 

Thanks to the photographer, Eros for the nice photos. I guess I only have this OOTD photo taken on that day.

The decoration and setup from Jerlynn'L was so pretty. 

What is Jerlynn'L?
"Jerlynn'L is inspired from a male Chidori bird which would give his life to raise family and protect them from predators. Just like the story told, Jerlynn'L was created by a father to protect and provide daily care products for his precious children. By creating quality (strict control of materials), customized child-safe and paraben free products, it is also suitable for all age group."

The event started off with a short speech given by the founder of The Butterfly Project, Tammy. And then followed by the brand introduction for Jerlynn'L by Chin Yee.

The highlight of the birthday party, the Birthday Unboxing session. there was a gift box in front of all of us on the table. It was given by Jerlynn'L as a gift.

Thanks Jerlynn'L for this awesome gift. You made my day and Happy Birthday to The Butterfly Project once again. Everyone was busy doing their FB Live, Insta Story, photo and video recording during the unbox session.

These were all the products in the box:
1. Jerlynn'L Hair Wash Scalp Care (300ml)
2. Jerlynn'L Body Wash Fruits & Veges Extract (500ml) - RM119.00
3. Jerlynn'L Bug No More (100ml) - RM49.00
4. Jerlynn'L Hair Conditioner & Detangler (100ml) - RM79.00
5. Jerlynn'L Daily Moisture Lotion (100ml) - RM49.00
6. Jerlynn'L Face Moisture (50ml) - RM119.00

They actually have their own signature collection (the yellow bottles) which comprises of 2 body wash, 2 hair wash. 1 body lotion, 1 hair conditional and 1 special care products. The Signature Collection contains 4x more Ceramide III than any other products in the market. Ceramide III helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin and improve skin elasticity. The main ingredients in their products consists of plant and herbs extract and the highest grade of essential oil which is safe for children use.

Currently, they are having a Mother's Day Limited Edition Gift Set selling at RM228 instead of RM715. You may also get a Free membership and personalized photo album when you purchase the gift set.
The gift set will be available from 25th April to 14th May 2017 at Jerlynn'L Mid Valley Magamall and Jerlynn'L Sky Avenue Mall, Genting.

Here comes the DISCOUNT CODE for my readers:


Show this code to their personal care consultant at Jerlynn'L outlets and you will get:
- 20% off with purchase of any normal price items
- Hand Paraffin Treatment (worth RM107)

For more information about Jerlynn'L, you may click on the below link:

Thanks to Hello Deer for providing such a great venue and food for the birthday party. The place was so pretty and it makes all the photos and video looks extremely nice.

Photos from Eros
And the most surprise moment of the day... I won one of the best dress award. I seldom win this kinda awards and it really shocked me. Thanks again to Jerlynn'L for another awesome prize. 

All the gorgeous best dress butterflies on that day. =)

The best thing about the Birthday Party was I get to meet all of the butterflies and get to know new friends. I seldom talk during events as I was very shy when I meet new people, please feel free to talk to me first if you see me next time.

Glad to meet Dash again, very friendly and I really like her makeup, very pretty. =)

Very hard to get a photo with Tammy (have to queue and wait for my turn, hehe).
Thanks for creating such a awesome community. <3

Met Sylvia at the Birthday Party too.
Actually, I watched her Insta Story. =)

Me with Anis.
For me, she is very friendly because she say Hi to me first. =)

Group photo of the day!

That concluded the Birthday Party for The Butterfly Project. Awesome party with awesome butterflies and awesome sponsor. =)

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