[YouTube] Elizavecca Hell-pore Clean Up Mask Review

by - Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Hello people~
I'm here again with some update on my blog! =)

Today, I will be talking about something painful.

The story begins like this:
I scrolled through my FB page one day and saw a post from The Butterfly Project. The post was about the most painful mask ever and they were actually challenging any Youtubers to try on it. Well, I just took the challenge without further thoughts and...

I felt a bit uneasy afterwards because of the 'PAINFUL' word they stated in their post, so I 'kindly' watched a lot if reviews on YouTube (including the one in their post) and it did look painful. That was a few seconds of regret after watching all the reviews, but I really curious about the painful level of the mask, so I knew I need to try it.

First of all, thanks for clicking into my YouTube and watch my video (if you really watched it, lol).

In the video, you can see that my face expression was not so pleasant because it was really painful. I did cry a little bit because of the pain and I sighed a lot in the video. It was a great challenge because sometimes, we just have to try something new, right?

So, how is the mask?
  • Painful Level: 
    • It's really painful as how other people described. Try it and you will know it.
  • Really Clean Up your pores?
    • Black heads: Not really pulled out a lot. Not sure about other people, it does not works that well on my black heads.
    • White heads: It pulled out quite an amount of white heads. 
    • Facial hair: Get ready to say 'Bye Bye' to your facial hair. If you accidentally put it on your eye brows or mustache (for guys), all the best in peeling off the mask.
    • Dead Skin: I can't really notice any.
  • Skin condition after used?
    • Skin felt super smooth. Maybe because the facial hair were all gone. =)
    • Skin did not become dryer.
    • It did not irritate the skin much.
    • Although there were some redness when peeling, but soon it will be gone.
Overall, the product is good but not that awesome yet because my black heads still stayed with me, on my nose. Maybe I will try few more times to get a better result? (If I feel like doing it again) 

If you are curious about it, you may get it from the link below:

So will you accept the challenge?
It's up to you. :)

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