Ridley's Diary [8]: Year 2015

by - Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year 2015 will ended soon and then I will welcome Year 2016.
Throughout the year, thanks to all the people who came into part of my life, making my life story even more completed for this year.

Year 2015 is a life changing year because it considers a new chapter for my life. From a student to a full time OL...LOL.

Since I quit the first full time job after my graduation, I was so target-less during the beginning of the year. After seeking for job opportunity around, I was glad that I got a job in a corporate. I was so afraid that I might not get along with new colleagues and environment but I guess I'm lucky enough to meet all the nice people here in the new company.

Throughout the year, people came and left.
Still it was the best thing ever to have you all in my life.
Thank you for guiding me, teaching me, helping me, leading me through all my working life. And of course other than work, you all were good to me too as a friend!
Especially there's few people which I really wanted to thank them because they really did help me and guided me throughout this year... Kimmy, Yen Yen, Lawrence, Ivy, Kai Liang, Terrence, Nick, Thank You.
Thanks to my friends in other department and SI team for having me.

Other than working, throughout the years, I also joined for few events. Thanks to The Butterfly Project for having me and also other events PIC for having me this year. Although this year was a busy year for me, but they still invited me to events. Thanks to your invitation, I got to learned more and experienced more. And I was glad that I could joined few interview session for some ACG events, never thought I could have the chance to interview some of the oversea & local guests. It was a great learning progress for me.

Last but not least, I have to thank my family and boyfriend for caring, supporting and loving me throughout the year.
<3 <3 <3

I remembered I set few goals for my Year 2015 too.
Let's see Top 3 goals that I achieved for this year.

1. Traveled to Thailand and Taiwan.

Other than oversea travel, I also went to Penang and KB for short business trip. It was a travel year for me. lol. Hope to explore other places next year too!

2. Started YouTube and now I have hit 100 Subscribers.
I shall thanks to all the subscriber that subscribed to my channel. Although 100+ subscribers is not a huge number compared to others creators, but it's a huge achievement for me.
Thank you everyone!

3. Get a new smartphone.
I got a new Samsung Galaxy S6 for myself. Still using it now although Galaxy Note 5 came out. It's a nice phone and it's GOLD...

For the upcoming new year, of course I will have more plans and goals for myself. 
(trying to achieve more...)

Here, the last post for Year 2015, I wish you all Happy New Year!
Lets hope for a better new year~

Stay tuned.

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