New Face of Chang Beer

by - Monday, February 15, 2016

Hello everyone~

Today what I’m going to talk about is a beverage which I think most of you will be very familiar with this brand – Chang Beer! Since it is a repackaging, liquid profile and packaging of Chang Beer is different from the previous Chang Beer.

Chang Beer
Most of the people should be more familiar with the previous Chang Beer’s design. The colour of the bottle was a classic amber colour and the shape of the bottle is a bit less contour and common.

Chang Beer
As for the new design, the colour of the bottle was changed from amber colour to a very fresh looking green colour. Even the side of the bottle cap was change to a champagne gold to show off its elegance.

The shape of the bottle is more elegant with nice contour which and gives a better hand-feel. The bottle’s colour changed was aim to attract more premium and younger drinkers.

Alcohol Level
If you all notice, the alcohol level has changed from 6 degree to 5.5 degree. By doing so, Chang Classic believes that the drink will be smoother and easy to drink by drinkers.

When and Where is suitable to get a bottle of Chang Beer?

It’s okay to have Chang Beer with friends during gathering or dinner. I decided to have the cold Chang Beer when I was having curry for my dinner the other days with my friends. It was good to have a beer after the spicy curry.

Occasional drinks
Chang Beer will be one of the alcohol beverages during some occasion such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and some other occasions. At friend’s house during some occasion or event or even party, you can easily spot the shadow of beers around. It will be great to grab a bottle of Chang Beer and chit chat along with friends.

Of course beer is only available to non-Muslims and those above 18 years old. Make sure during the occasions, all the drinkers are eligible for drinking. Lol.

Try it by yourself!
Make sure to grab one of the Chang Beer!

For more information about Chang Beer:
Official Website: Chang Beer
Facebook: Chang Beer

That's all for today's post.

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