Thailand Trip 2015 [Preview]

by - Friday, November 20, 2015

Hello people~
Finally I'm back from a very busy schedule.
For those who followed my social media platform, you should notice that I was away for travel during previous months. And after travel, I was busy with work and everything, etc etc...

Today, finally I have the time to sit down and update my 'long-time-no-update' blog.
Since I'm still drafting my trip post because I took too many photos, so it need some time for me to processed everything before present to you all. 

For this preview post, I will post the vlog that I created not long ago. lol.

During September, I went to Thailand for a one week holiday. It was a 7 days trip and I went to two places, Hua Hin and Bangkok.

Hua Hin trip was very relax. To be honest, there's nothing much to do there. The hotel I booked was in the town, to go to other places, I have to rent a taxi, so it's quite inconvenient. The only places near my hotel is the Hua Hin Train Station, Hua Hin Night Market and the beach.

Anyway, please do enjoy the vlog for Hua Hin.

Then after Hua Hin trip, my bf and I went to Bangkok.
Personally I think I prefer Bangkok than Hua Hin because there's so many things to see in Bangkok!
The transportation at Bangkok is very convenient. Basically I can go to most of the tourist spots by taking public transport. I went to quite a lot of places, so it's better that I show you all the vlog.

The 7 days trip was very fun. I was happy that it ended nicely because my bf and I had planned for it since long time ago. I truly enjoy the trip because my bf and I put a lot of effort in planning it.

This is just a preview.
Later on, there will be more photos of the trip.

Stay tuned.

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