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by - Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello lovelies~
Time flies by and it's August again.
And on 1st August, I've attended a K-Beauty event organized by Laneige.
If you happened to shop at Mid Valley, you might have seen the setup of the event itself at the North Court.  
Thanks to Laneige and The Butterfly Project for the invitation, I got to attend the Beauty Road Event on that day. Although I missed out the front yet important part of the event on that day due to some sudden issue on the road, I truly enjoyed the whole event on that day. (Glad that I still made it.)

Photo Credit to The Butterfly Project
On that day, the part that I missed was the Interview with Hwang Se-On, the celebrity model in Korea. Glad that some butterflies actually recorded the whole interview, I was able to catch up with what was questioned to Se-On during the interview. But still I missed the chance to have a photo with her...Forever regretful now...(Cry out loud).

Somehow when I made it there, one of the Laneige Makeup Artist, Cat Koh, was teaching us all the tips on K-Beauty makeup. She showed us a lot of skills and tips on the stage. So if you all catch all the points she said on that day, you can have a flawless look like all the Korean idols. 

She even posed together with the model on the stage for all the media and photographers after she done with her speech on stage.

Laneige also invited a dance crew all the way from Korea to perform in front of the crowd. 
To be honest, it was very creative to dance with the BB Cushion during the dance performance. 

The main character for this Beauty Road Tour, Laneige BB Cushion!
They exhibited it in a larger BB Cushion container which made the BB Cushion look more gorgeous, so I took a photo of it.

After the whole interview, beauty talk and performances ended, we all got the chance to try out the BB Cushion at the side of the event area. The ladies there will show you the benefits of BB Cushion.

Then I went to play the darts game. I wished that I could at least won something, but I got nothing in the end. My boyfriend was better, because he won a gift for me by throwing the darts. 

Here's the range for the BB Cushion. As from what I learned from the ladies standing there at the testing area, the current selection range is more than before, so we can get try the BB Cushion and look for the most match tone color for out skin tone.

Other than the BB Cushion, if you interested in Laneige products, you could try it out at the event itself. They had the most complete collection of all their products, and you can try it out before your purchase. You can even get more goodies on that day if you purchase up to certain amount.

Laneige mascot posed a cuter pose than me.

Met Jessica Chaw in person for the first time.
I have been following her blog since long time ago but don't have the chance to meet her.
Finally I met her during the Beauty Road Tour.

Met Shivani too!
It's been long time since I last met her during events.
Very happy to meet her during the event too.

Of Course, I met Tammy too!
Photo credit to Tammy. 
Glad to meet her too during the event, glad that I took a selfie with her.

Last but not least...
The goodies I received from Laneige.
I was very surprised when I found out there were 4 full sized products in the box. Before this, I only tried out Laneige Sleeping Mask and Blackhead Melting Gel, now I can finally try on their cosmetic products, especially the BB Cushion.

Below is the video that I took for the event.
There's an unbox video for the products I received on that day.
~ Click to watch ~
Hope you all like my videos.
Definitely will do a review video separately.

That concluded the post for Laneige Beauty Road.

Please do stay tune to next update.
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  1. Waw so glad to read your post. Love it! How's your opinion about their BB cushion product? I ever want to buy their BB Cushion but I sti confuse. :((

    <a href="></a>

    1. Their BB cushion is good. Worth a try. :)
      Still it depends on your skin condition.