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by - Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello everyone~

Today will be talking about another place for me to shop online for beauty products. It is a very new website which I wanted to share with you all here...


It was a new website which was often shared by many girls recently on website. I always see it on Facebook, Instagram, websites... All sharing about the awesome shopping experience with Althea, can you see how popular the website is after the launch?

By having the clear Vision and Slogan, 
I believe they really can deliver the Korean Beauty to the world!

Since everyone is sharing the awesomeness of the website, I have a look at it also the other day. The header of Althea clearly stated 4 points:

1. Free Shipping above RM150

For me, free shipping is a really good benefits for buyers to consider on buying at that particular website. Althea provide Free Shipping when your purchase more than RM150, which is reasonable. When I really need to stock up beauty products, the price can easily surpass RM150, so I think is quite reasonable condition setup there. Somemore the products are all directly pack and ship all the way from Korea, the courier fees will be expensive, so with this Free Shipping, you no longer need to worry much about the courier fees.

2. Authenticity

Nothing to doubt more as the products are all the way from Korea. It is serves as a one stop Korean beauty product shopping website. You can get the latest products from their website and they guarantee all the products are authentic. If you found out that the product is not authentic, just prove it, and you shall get your refund right away.

3. Best Price

You can always get the products at the best price. No longer need to worry about the price because you will get the product at the same price as the Price they selling in Korea. No need to travel far to Korea just to get the best price, now you can shop at Althea to get the best price! (The price is cheaper compared to others~ *wink*)

4. 30 Days Return

You may return the product if you are not satisfied with it. Just provide your reason of dissatisfaction, and you can send it back to Althea. It's the best thing they have provided since sometimes, not all is perfect. If really I got a defect products, I would consider to return to the seller too. So the 30 Days Return promises is really a good news for all the buyers.

If you have any questions, just leave a message for them. I never try before, but i heard that their customer service is good. 

Still unsure about their service?
They even have a tab to show why shoppers love Althea. The first comment here already showed the positive feedback from customer. SO why not give Althea a try?

Let's begin a journey to Korea with Althea now.

Now I have a new place to shop for Korean Beauty Products.

Thank you Althea.

Links to Althea:

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