Ridley's Diary [7]: Achievement!

by - Thursday, July 30, 2015

Welcome to my own boring diary's updates~ lol
I think I kinda achieved something recently, so I really really really wanna post about it in my bloggie, just to make it a memorable achievements. 

I'm not a 'exercise-person' because I don't like to sweat a lot and I'm very lazy to move when comes to exercise, Previously in my life, whenever I went to do some outdoor activities which required my body to exercise, I will suffered for muscle pain. So I was kinda reluctant to do any exercises whenever I think about the effect afterwards.

However, maybe I grow older, I suffer for another problem...
My boyfriend was laughing at me regarding this problem for more than a month...

After a month of laughing from him, I seriously BEH TAHAN LIAO!
So I made a decision then...which is I wanna go to gym for exercise and lose weight so I can show off to him.

Just to be honest, I never go to gym before because I thought I was fit enough, lol. But now, no choice, have to go and lose some fats.
A photo after exercise.
I can guarantee you all that this photo is a super rare photo because it was my first time working out at gym. I was a bit shy and scared at first because I seriously don't know what to do there. I was staring at the machine and have no idea on how to operate it. I bet people there sure laugh at me because I looked super blur at that time. But, thanks to my courage, I dare to asked a lady next to me. Luckily she told me how to use the machine there.

I got no photos during exercises, so I will just post my own selfie photos. Have been exercising for continuous three days. For me, it was a great start and a huge achievement for this year. Hope I can continue on and be more healthy in the coming future, lol...

Of course, I did enjoyed eating also, but only during the lunch hour, I tried not to eat too much from this week onward, because I will gain more weight. For breakfast, normally I will eat biscuits or bread. For lunch, it will be normal portion of food. But for dinner, I will cut down the portion.

It might  be difficult to be on a healthy lifestyle... because it requires more effort and a good habit. But I will try my best to carry on. Already made up my mind to lose weight now by having a more healthy lifestyle.

Stay healthy everyone.

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