Horien Eye Secret Grand Launch

by - Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Hello people!
How time past since my last update!
Today's post will be the excited one as I attended a grand launch for Horien Eye Secret on 11 April 2015, few Saturdays ago. lol.

The grand launch took place on One Utama, Oval Concourse. When I reached there, there were a lot of people waiting at the upper floors and of course all the media parties for the launching event.

Once again, thanks to The Butterfly Project and Horien for the invitation to their grand launch. I was really glad that I could be there to learn more about the brand.

The media registration table which full of goodies bag.

Took my camera out to take some photos for the launch. Took a selfie too with my camera while waiting for the event to start.

Finally the event started with the hosts of the day, Baki Zainal and Shin Kong, by giving some simple introduction about themselves and also the brand.

So what is Horien Eye Secret?

Horien Eye Secret is actually a brand for contact lens and lens care product. This brand is still new in Malaysia. For your information, Horien Eye Secret was originated from Taiwan. It provides a new option for contact lens users by offering the experience of comfort and reliability. The product has also obtained the certification from world renowned bodies, including US FDA 510(k), European CE, Japan's FMA, Taiwan Excellent Awards, GDPMD and many mores.

As for the day, we also had the brand ambassador, Yumi Wong on stage with all the VIP guests, including the representatives for the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports.

Congratulations for the Grand Launch!

There also have a signing session with Yumi Wong on stage as the official brand ambassador for Horien Eye Secret.

It was lucky for me to have a selfie with Yumi Wong. She's so beautiful and I looked like a common people from nowhere when I stood next to her. And the contact lens that she wore on that day was the Grey color contact lens from Horien Eye Secret.

She did gave some comments on stage about the brand by saying:
Eyes are very important to us and we have the responsibilities to protect it. She said that she was afraid to purchase any contact lens without certification because the lens might not be safe for our eyes. But after she got to know about Horien Eye Secret, she found out that their contact lens was very moisture and comfortable. She can wear the lens for longer time period without feeling eyes pain, dry or tired.

The display of Horien Eye Secret Products.
For more info, you can refer to:

I kinda explore the whole event area.
There have several activities going on on that day for examples:
1. I got a free pair of contact lens by liking or sharing Horien Eye Secret Instagram and FB Page.
2. I tested my eye power for free on the spot and my eyesight was perfect. lol.
3. Have some light tea time there at the event.

I also received a blue color contact lens. I was thinking when should I wear it. lol... Will definitely take a photo for that blue contact lens.

That's all for my updates!

For more information,
Official Website: http://www.eyesecret.com.my/

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