Ridley's Diary [6]: Hard Time...

by - Monday, May 18, 2015

Long time no updates since the previous post.
Today I shall update more about myself since there's a lot of things going on recently.

If you followed any of my social medias, you probably noticed that I've been through some hard times recently which I was not so happy about it.

Thing tends to become unfair when the people that possessed more authority tried to be ridiculous on a certain things. And unfortunately I became one of the victim for this kind of situation. I always thought that life is much better from what I heard but unfortunately for sometimes, reality is that ugly and disgusted, which threw me into certain depression for quite some time.

These events have lead me to think more about my future and what I want to achieve in the coming days. To be sad to said that, I realized the current place is not what I seek for and I was not really okay with what's going on. Although I can still keep on going, I should slowly build my path by utilizing the current opportunities and walk out as a much more successful person in the future, equip myself with a mature mindset and attitude for both personal and career purposes.

People said that I should gain more experiences and yes, I would like to do so too because I knew I still haven't meet my own expectations. Even now, everything seems stable, still I feel the emptiness in my life. I feel like my passion is slowly fading, and I'm afraid I will not be able to regain it again.

All I need is a more positive thinking...
All I need is the courage to try and maintain...
All I need is the passion to live and love what I'm doing...

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