Cosplay Drafting Session 2015

by - Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hello people,

Today, I will be posting a super backlog post which I kept on postponing due to a video for an interview session.

As seen at the title for this post, I will be sharing about the Cosplay Drafting Session #1 which happened on 28th February 2015 at One City. Thanks to Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan again for the media pass. I really did enjoyed the event because we can get closer and interact with the guest cosplayers, which is a very good things for all the fans.

Kisaki Urumi was so cute...

The guests for the Cosplay Drafting Session was Kisaki Urumi from Japan and Monica Wos from Vietnam. 

Photo was taken when Kisaki Urumi look at my camera. 
The timing was so good and I managed to captured the photo when she was pointing at my camera.

And of course the host for the day on the stage was Shaun. You can always see him on stage, hosting for certain stage event for certain Cosplay events.

Photos of Monica Wos:

Photos of Kisaki Urumi:

The photos might not be the best photo for you all because the lightning there was quite dim. SO all my photos were very dark... However, I tried my best to adjust the brightness for the photos. lol.

It was a lucky day for those who cosplayed on that day. Because they were invited up to the stage for a group photo with the cosplayer guests.

Shaun even suggested to take a groupfie together on the stage,

The signing session and fan meet session began shortly after the photo session. Every fans with the merchandises will have the chance to get the signature from both of the guests. Of course they can take photo with the guests too, on the stage.

I think everyone was happy with the fan meet session because they can talk and interact with the guests in such a close distance. 

I was given the chance to interview them personally after the fan meet session. It was great talking to them during the session. They were so expert in this field, I learned a lot from the sharing and stories which I think I should share the interview session with you all too. So, I have my sister on that day to help me record the whole interview session. Of course, there was also a PIC from Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan who took the video for the whole interview session too.

So here's the video from me... the captions will be ready soon in few days. lol. 

And here's the one from Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan...
Part 1

Part 2

Well, hope you all like this event sharing and hope you all will learn something through the video too.

It was really a great event because all the fans can meet and interact with their cosplay idols more closely. I hope this kind of event will be held more in the coming future by bringing in more popular cosplayers. I also wish that I could be part of it in the future and interview more cosplayers from different places.

That's all for the update.

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