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by - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hello Everyone~
How are you all doing?

Today I will be sharing my experience for the 'Pimp My Chulip' workshop which happened on 14th March 2015 at Kare Cafe, 1Utama! It's a very cute and colorful event so I wanna thanks The Butterfly Project and Chulip for the invitation to this workshop.

The main character of this whole event were the four different flavor Chulips! 
  • Pink: Paris, Perfect Memories (Sweet berry scent with Raspberry and Peach flavor) 
  • Green: Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (Refreshing scent of Orange, Lime and Mango)
  • Red: NY, Brilliant My Way(Fruity scent of Apple, Ginger, Tea Rose)
  • Purple: Arabian, Floral Shower (Elegant flower scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove)
Actually Chulip is very popular in Japan. I saw there's still other flavors available in Japan but in Malaysia we only have 4 flavors.

I think you all will be wondering what is Chulip right?
Well, according to what I heard and read, it's a trendy dome-shaped lip balm by Mentholatum which combines different moisturizing ingredient and it's originally from Japan. The various flavors were provided to suit the style and taste you like and it keeps your lips lovely!

The main thing of this workshop is actually to let us know that we can decorate and make our own Chulip to be unique and stand out. You can decorate with anything or even if you want to re-color or re-draw the whole Chulip container, it's fine! You can think out of the box and be creative.

When I saw this table that full of crafting things, my eyes went blink blink. I 'm actually quite into crafting or DIY recently so I really glad that I could attend this workshop!

I got something that I want and mostly all is purple color! I chose purple because it's my favorite color and I think purple will match the Pink Chulip. The DIY workshop was interesting... Everyone just grab the materials they need and start working on the Chulip. It was my first time did some DIY activities with so many people, because we got 50 butterflies in the house that day!

After all the decorating, drawing and pasting, this was my final look of my Chulip! I decorated it with so many shiny and blink things so it will looks blink blink. Suppose I wanted to draw the eyes bigger so it will looks kawaii a bit but I screwed up at some point and ended up I drew a very fierce eyes for it. lol. Still I think it's pretty!

After the DIY session, we have to wait for the results because the owner with the prettiest Chulip will walk away with prizes. So during the judging time, all the butterflies got to have some food and drinks.

Donuts!!! So many cute and colorful donuts! I remembered I ate 4 donuts on that day because I really need some sweet stuffs after the DIY session and I like donuts too.

Another colorful desserts! MINI CUPCAKES! There were so many of them in different flavors. I wanted to try them all but I just too full to have more of it because there's still some other food waiting for me.

Finally! The time to reveal the winners of the day!There were 6 prizes up for grab! The first three places will walk away with watches and the other three were consolation prizes.

The winners of the day were...

Congratulation to all the winners!
Their Chulips were so pretty and cute!

That concluded the whole event! It was a nice event with nice ideas and nice food. Thanks for inviting me and thanks for the goodies too. 

For more information:
Chulip Website: http://www.chulip.com.my/

That's all.

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