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by - Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello people!
Today I'm going to blog and join a contest to win a trip to Taiwan because I really want to revisit Taiwan again! I went to Taiwan 3 years ago and I don't think I explore enough for Taiwan during the previous trip. Always wanna go to Taiwan again but I gave myself to much excuse such as "No Time lah", "No Money lah", "Busy lah" and so on... So I ended up not going to Taiwan yet.

But as for today, I saw The Butterfly Project together with Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur are having a blogging contest to send one of the butterfly to Taiwan... I was like: "OMG, I am definitely 100% joining this contest!" lol... All of the sudden become extra supportive towards this contest and of course I wanna earn my travel ticket too, an opportunity to travel to Taiwan.

So the above banner was posted at The Butterfly Project Facebook page. Basically there are 3 themes altogether, which are the Time to Eat, Time to Shop and Time for 2 Wheels (LOHAS Lifestyle). If you notice my blog post title, I will be using the Time to Shop theme because I really want to go and shop till drop there in Taiwan.

Why Taiwan?
During my young age, I watched a lot of Taiwan entertainment shows on TV. Therefore, I have my own concept about Taiwan which are... Taiwan has four season and its trends there are pretty much closer to Japan. LOL. As I grew "older", I realized that not only the fashion, beauty trend there were closer to Japan trend, I also noticed that their places, food and cultures there are nice too! During my last visits to Taiwan, I noticed that the people there were kind, polite and helpful. So that's why I wanna revisit Taiwan to explore more.

Why Shop?
Which girl don't like to shop? lol. Well, I'm the kind of girl that likes to shop a lot. Although I didn't buy a lot at a time (because I don't wanna spend all my salary, lol), still I buy the things that I want the most especially shirts, dresses and beauty products. When I saw the photos of my friends went to Taiwan and the things they bought, I was so jealous and I hope I was there in Taiwan together with them and shop. So if you ask me what will I do when I'm at Taiwan, the answer will be shop then eat a lot of nice food.

Which place I wanna visit the most!
1. Xi Men Ding
During my last visit, I stayed at Xi Men Ding. It's a very cheerful place full of tourists and locals. And most importantly it's a shopping paradise! At there, you can easily shop for clothes, dresses, shoes, souvenirs, bags, beauty products and a lot more! I still remembered I bought a lot of cosmetics at SaSa and a hypermarket kind of place at there. If you are hungry, there's a lot of shop to hunt for good food. Even during night time, the place still crowded with people, you can simply spot some street food there while you walking down the street. 

Even during night time, the place still crowded with people, you can simply spot some street food there while you walking down the street. Above picture taken during night time at Xi Men Ding with my sister three years ago.

2. Taipei 101 Mall

Another place to shop! But a bit pricey. For me, Taipei 101 Mall is more towards a tourist attraction. People went there for sightseeing more because you can go up to the top of the mall and look at the beautiful scenery, especially the night scenery. 

Here's an example. lol. 
As you can see the view up here at Taipei 101 Mall is so pretty, especially at night when all the lights were lit up! It's a must visit place there in Taiwan. After the visit, you can shop in the mall for more branded stuffs. lol. I didn't buy lot of stuffs there but there's a lot places around the mall that I visited and mostly were shopping malls. lol. I also visited a large bookstore around that area and I bought a lot of books there because it was way cheaper than the book price in Malaysia.

3. Wufenpu Clothes Market

Didn't get any old photos for this one. I kinda regret during my previous visit to Wufenpu because on the day I visited the place, most of the shops were only available for bulk purchase. Individual purchase was at another day, so I didn't get the chance to buy much from there. Therefore, I definitely wanna visit Wufenpu again in the coming Taiwan trip to shop for nice clothes in cheaper price! I wanna explore more because it's a big place and heaven for a shopaholic like me.

4. Night Markets

I definitely wanna go all the night markets in Taiwan. There are few very famous night markets in Taiwan such as Shilin Night Market, Raohe Night Market, Shida Night Market and so on!

It's a must go place in Taiwan, the Night Markets. Whenever people talked about Taiwan, they will mention about the night markets there. I went to Shilin Night Market before, and you couldn't believe the crowd there and the amount of stalls there which are selling various kind of foods and drinks. At Shilin Night Markets, most of the stalls sell food. However, I heard that Shida Night Market is selling foods and some clothes too, maybe I should visit Shida Night Market on the next Taiwan trip. Shop at night markets in Taiwan is one of the must must night activities that you don't wanna miss out.

There's still more that I want to explore in Taiwan other than only shop and eat. I can say that Taiwan is a nice place to visit, whether you are there for shopping, food, lifestyle or sightseeing, it's a suitable place. Hope that I can gain another opportunity travel ticket to Taiwan again for more explorations and shopping!

If you are interested for a Taiwan trip, here's some link for your references!
P.S: Time for Taiwan TTBKL will be having a Taiwan Travel Fair on the 25-29 March 2015, at Oval zone, One Utama Shopping Centre. Be sure to drop by for more promotions and packages!

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