What I'm Doing Recently?

by - Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hi people, it's been long time since my last CNY post and here I am to update a bit on what I'm doing recently and the reason why I seldom blog. (It might get boring for you...lol)

Things have been going up and down recently in my life. A lot of things changed and I faced a lot of challenges for the past few months.

If you followed any of my social media sites, you might knew that I graduated last few months and it was my happiest yet most memorable moment.

However things did not turn out the way I wanted and there was actually a short period which I was so depressed over my life. 

The first job I got after I ended my study was not as good as I thought. As for me, simple is better. I hope for a stable job and income just to live my life. However this job turned out real bad and I almost OT everyday. If you ask me whether I can OT... Yes, I can! But not everyday. The job was so stressful, so exhausted, so lifeless and it made me so depress. Even my parents also pity me for OT everyday. 

Thus, I quit the job and start to search for another job...

Attending job interview was not easy. I have to wake up early, prepare properly and go for the interview. Those days were tiring too, for me. The process of looking for jobs, apply for jobs, attending job interviews without knowing whether I can get the job or  not... It was so depress too. By having a bad experiences from the first job, the after effects were even worst and hopeless. 

But things went better when I finally get a new job. Yet getting use to new environment and people...It was a bit hectic too. Maybe because there were so many other things happened at the same time and I couldn't adjust my mind yet. Luckily, for this job, I'm glad that I met good people and the working environment was good for me. So, this job ended my aimless and jobless period.

As for what I'm doing recently... I did attend few events such as Cosplay drafting Session and Chulip Event. Of course I hope to attend more events in the coming future. Other than that, I also try to make video, as for my recent updated video was... "My Boyfriend Does My Makeup".

Please do support my video!

Since everything starts to turn out better and everything starts to get more stable, I will try to blog more frequently. And of course I will try to make more videos too. lol. At this point, I just hope that my life will get better.

Thank you.

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