Ridley's Diary [5]: Brother and Sister

by - Thursday, October 02, 2014

Hello people,
It's October...

When i saw my last month updates... I was shocked. Never thought that i only update 2 blog posts for September. I guess September was a busy month though. lol.

Although it's only 30 days in September, it feels like a hundred days though. September is the month for my life's turning point. Finally I graduated from university and start seeking for job. Throughout all the process, finally I found a job. It was an exhausting month by attending interviews and doing part time jobs. But i overcame it, so I think I'm actually doing quite well for now.

For most of the September, I spent most of my time with my family. I tried to stay at home as much as I can before i start my new job. Arranging my timetable to prepare for my new job. Basically for the beginning 2 weeks of September, I was arranging and adjusting my time for my part time, and rest more before I start working.

September was also a happy month because my sister finally went to her dreamland, Japan. She won one of the competition and she was invited to the Tokyo Game Show. I wonder when I can travel to Japan...Japan is my dreamland too...lol. Maybe I should start saving money...

Last week I also traveled to Penang with my sister and brother just to attend the CF Mini event. However, the overall event for me was just average. I didn't actually meet any of the guests and the event venue was to small for the crowd. I could only see people and people again. I think they should improve more on the venue, it's too small for such a big crowd. That was the reason why I only went for one day instead of two days.

For the last day in Penang, I managed to travel around Penang, thanks to my aunt. She was bringing us everywhere to explore more on Penang. There's lot of difference compared to my last visit to Penang. I managed to rent a bicycle and cycling around some Penang area with my aunt, grandma, brother and sister. It felt good to be back to Penang.

After back from Penang, I started to work again. Working life is a bit lifeless to me because it was just  repetition for me. I don't actually have time for myself to do my own stuff. I still not really used to my current working life and I was exhausted for the first week of work. Since I was not a morning person, I found it hard to woke up early and went to work for 5 days non-stop. But somehow now, I'm able to get used to it. 

That's all for my monthly diary's update. Since it's just the beginning of October... There's nothing much to talk about this month yet. 

October...Please be good to me!

That's all.

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