Ridley's Diary [4]: Relax Days

by - Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hello people!
It's me again after abandoning my bloggie for almost 2 weeks. lol.
It's time to blog again...

Time flies, it's mid of September now. For the past few weeks, i literally just chilling at home, going out for part time job and that's it for my everyday life. Even though it might sounds like i'm very free, actually going for part time job is kinda exhausting but it's better than doing nothing right?

If you read my previous post, you should noticed that I'm actually quite miserable about my future at this stage. I just graduated from my uni and i'm actually searching for job for the past few weeks. No people guide me how to carry on my life, and no people guide me on how to get a job. I was so lost on everything. I was thinking a lot of my future, about the thing i should do and how is my life going to be. But none of them work out the way i should be unless i try to step forward.

In the past few weeks, i was so not in the mood to blog because there was a lot of things bothering me. Going for job interviews were exhausting too. Everyday i was repeating the same things and my weeks just past so fast.

I should be thankful because finally i can see that my life getting better now. No more worries and miserable. Finally i got to step forward and continue on my journey. 

So I actually tried to spent more time with my friends and family before the busy life.
I tried to sleep more at home especially today, lol. Trying to regain all the sleep i lost for the past few weeks. It's great to be in holiday and rest whenever i want for the day. lol. 

Decided to went out for a movie with my sister too, which is not the usual thing i did in my life. lol. I seldom hang out with my sister and that's the very impromptu plan to watch the 'As Above, So Below'. Since no one wanna watch with me and both my sister and i wanna watch it so badly, we bought the tickets. lol. There's not many places showing this movie, so we have to go all the way to Times Square for this movie. It was a good movie for me, but i dislike the filming style, it makes me dizzy.

I also went out with my cousin and sister for a dinner. Long time didn't meet my cousin although she lives nearby my house. Having Korean cuisine on that day and chit chatting a lot to catch up all the stories we missed for all these time. 

As for my boy, finally having a proper date after so long time. We don't usually date each other so it was a very rare event for me. We only meet if we have the reason to meet each other such as, need him fetch me to some places, for work or events... We don't actually date like going out together for movies, shopping or anything. Since both of us live too far away from each other, we just don't date so often. And now, since we both going to start working soon, i guess our dating time will be even shorter or perhaps, don't even have the time to hang out also. lol. Sure i will miss him a lot from now onwards. (T.T)

That should conclude my blog post for now. lol.

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