Krabi Trip [Part 1]

by - Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hello people!
Finally i decided  to start writing my graduation trip series here in my blog. lol. It was a very tough life for the whole Degree Year 3 and my friends and I really deserved  a getaway to somewhere. The place that we chose for our getaway was Krabi! I've been to Krabi once with my family so I kinda know how is the place, I think it's a good choice for us.

On that day, my boy and I reached the KLIA2 early in the morning and it still dark outside. I was excited because it was our first time to visit KLIA2. The new airport and huge, it's like a huge shopping mall. Didn't get a chance to shop there yet because the shop not yet open for business during early hours. We are walking around the airport while waiting for the rest of my friends.

Although it was a new airport, but the departure gate was so far away. It took us almost 20 minutes to reached the departure level.

Managed to take a photo inside the plane. Was kinda worried when taking flights due to some flight incidents happened recently. But still I wanna go travel so badly.

The weather not really nice when we reached Krabi. Walked around Krabi only we knew it was off season. The weather was kinda messy because of sudden rain, sudden sunny and sudden windy for almost everyday. 

It was sleepy and tiring due to the early flights. When we reached our destination, we searched for food immediately for our brunch.
Pad Thai for my boy.

Beef Boat noodle for me.

Extremely starving after the flight and finally got to eat something.
The food at Krabi was cheaper than here in KL. But it depends on which restaurant you are entering. lol. After brunch, we decided to go Tesco to grab some stuffs, food and drinks. It was really a very sunny day when we walked to Tesco. However when we entered Tesco, it rained so heavily outside.

After we bought all the groceries, the weather went back to sunny day. We stopped by a coffee shop outside the Tesco and decided to have coffee.

I not really into coffee and I seldom drink coffee also. But this coffee... (If I remembered it correctly, it was Blue Mountain) this one is nice. Maybe it was because of the hot weather, I just drank it. lol. And the price of it was cheaper than coffee in Malaysia. 

Hunt for food again after taking some nap and rest at the hotel. Don't really know what to eat so we stopped at Black Canyon. lol.

Ordered some drinks because the weather was hot but windy. lol.

Passed by the sea and the beach on our way back to hotel. It was windy and the wave was big. It was definitely not a suitable weather for playing at the seaside at that season. lol. 

Finally a photo with my boy. lol. 

We spent our day one, walking around and exploring the things and shops around our hotel area. Kinda miserable and dunno what to do for day one. It's good to travel with friends though.

Krabi Trip [Part One] ends here...Stay tuned for [Part 2].

That's all.

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