[YouTube] My Most Satisfied TaoBao Haul

by - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hello again everyone!

Here again with another update from me.
Since I bought quite a lot of items from TaoBao, so I made a video for it to share with you all.

*Hint Hint* There are some tips included in the video too!
Click on the below video to watch it!

Thank you for watching my video~ <3

Although I don't have a lot of experiences for TaoBao Shopping, I really wanna share with you all on what I know about TaoBao shopping in my latest video. 
*If you wanna know where I got all the items, please refer to the links listed below my video in the description box at YouTube.*

Yes, you really need some knowledge to really get a good item from TaoBao at reasonable price.
Throughout some shopping experiences, I slowly learn how to buy things at TaoBao. So if you wanna learn how to buy things at TaoBao, please start shop at TaoBao now. You will learn more when you shop more from it (and spend more money).

I have some love-hate relationship with TaoBao.

I LOVE it because:-
1. You can find things there with cheaper price.
2. A lot of choices.
3. You can basically find anything there.
4. Up to trend (for clothing).
5. A lot of descriptions.

I HATE it because:-
1. Too many choices for one thing (Hard to choose).
2. Mostly cannot return item if not satisfied.
3. Time consuming because you have to spend hours for shopping.
4. Delivery takes more than a week.
5. Quality not guarantee.

How about you?
Do you like to shop at TaoBao too?

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