Ridley's Diary [10]: About my Blog and YouTube life...

by - Monday, April 03, 2017

Hello everyone...
It's another midnight update from me again and it will be very wordy since I'm kinda having a mix feeling right now.

I often considered myself as one person that don't last long in doing one thing. For instance, I was very into writing diary in a diary book before, but it did not last long. I played games, but I always tend to stop halfway when it got bored. I liked doodling, but just for a very short time. Although I am so impatient about things, there are two interest that I still working on until now, which are blogging and YouTube.

I actually gave up blogging during my college time when I was so busy with my relationship and study. I know, it was sad because I stopped blogging. I kinda regretted about it whenever I think of it because my blog was so dead at that period and all I did was nothing. However, I started blogging again after broke up and my blog revived with a new domain and blog layout which was a good thing for me.

Even for now, I'm still blogging here. Although my blog is not often update by me, sometimes when I have something to share, I will post something up here. I really feel good to see my blog view increasing again and I really appreciate it because my persistence in blogging is leading me to something.

About my YouTube, I started my YouTube since 2 years ago but I uploaded more videos during last year. Although my uploaded videos are not many compared to other YouTuber, I really tried my best to at least came out with one video per month.

Another great news I got today, my YouTube subscriber just passed 200. It was an achievement for me and it really motivates me to continue on in making videos. Thanks to all my subscribers, you really made my day. :)

Maybe some people thought that 200 subscribers is not a big numbers, but it means so much for me because it was really hard for me to get this far. It's not easy to make video because it needs more time and efforts to make it presentable at YouTube. Some days after filming, I only get to sleep like average 4 hours for 2 to 3 days just to finish editing my video. To be honest, it was really tiring at some point, but I just love it. Imagine you have to come out with few hundred lines of subtitles for your one single video, it is a very hectic moment. And not to forget that I still have a full time job during the day, lol.

I really happy to see my YouTube and blog are going well, but at some point, I'm exhausted.
However, I made a promise to myself that I will continue on in making videos and blogging.
I hope I really can make it.
Let's see how it goes in the coming future...

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