[YouTube] Ridley Jing in Bangkok 2017 (Part 1)

by - Monday, March 06, 2017

Hello everyone~
After back from Bangkok, I miss travelling even more.
I wish I can travel to more places within one year but I have a full time job to attend, so it's kinda impossible for me to enjoy travel with a longer period. Therefore, I really cherish all my travel moments. 

Although this was my third time to Bangkok, everything was so new to me and there were so many new places popping up here and there. (Can see how fast a place developed in such a short time...lol)

This Bangkok trip was quite special because I went there with one of my colleague who are also my best friend (although my boyfriend joined in halfway...lol.). I seldom travel with friend actually, especially with only one friend, so it's kinda new for me but I was having so much fun because I could shop more since I have a friend next to me during this trip. 

Lesson learned: 
Must bring a girl's bestie if you are planning to go Bangkok because you can shop more with cheaper price and shop even more because you save more money from all your purchase with the wholesale price.

I also spent some time to edit my Bangkok Trip 2017 Travel Vlog. Although I only uploaded part one now, the second part is coming soon! Click on the below video to watch it:

*Note: We did not draft any itinerary for this trip because my friend was so familiar with Bangkok, lol. Basically, we just went to any places that we felt like wanted to go. Hope you all like my Travel Vlog.

*Note again: If you know how to use GRAB Car there, please use the app because sometimes it's cheaper and it's definitely more convenient to travel around in Bangkok.

See you all in my next post!

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