Skin Rejuvenation with E-Light Derm Lift Technology by Pink Passion

by - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hello everyone~

I'm here again for a review post!

Thank to The Butterfly Project and Pink Passion The Signature Salon for giving me an opportunity to try out new thing again. Previously I got to try Eyelash extension there and recently, I went back to Pink Passion for Facial Treatment, The technology was quite new for me, so I actually study about it before I went for the treatment. I still half blur when I reached there because I still have no idea how it will be like. (Seldom go for facial treatment though, lol)

Reached there for evening session and was greeted nicely by the staffs there. The staffs that responsible for my facial treatment that day was the beautician that help me to do my eyelash extension previously. A bit 'ganjeong' because the name of the treatment sounds scary.

Back to the cozy and dim room again. Maybe because I was so 'ganjeong' the lightning of the room actually made me calm down. For this treatment, they required me to get change.

Lied down carefully and still 'ganjeong' about the process, not really know what will happen later. I was so scared that it will cause pain afterwards. The beautician did explained the technology for me and told me for this new technology, it can be used for hair removal and skin treatment. But for that day, they said that they will go for skin rejuvenation treatment for me.

Done prepared and the treatment started step by step. The beautician performed a series of skin cleansing, mask and skin care before the e-lightning treatment. For that day, I think she told me that I was the youngest blogger that came for this treatment but for truth, I'm not that young I guess, lol.

Sorry for the very dim light photos. The room was dark and my boyfriend was helping me to take photos since I couldn't move during the treatment. Basically, the beautician started with cleansing my skin. Since I didn't have my makeup on that day so I guessed the cleansing part became easier? Lol. 

The mask time is the best. Total relaxation during that time, almost fall asleep at that time. After apply the mask gel, I was told to wait for around 20 minutes, then the beautician will cleanse off the mask on my face. After all the pampering session, it was the time to experience the new technology~

Before that, let me roughly introduce what is E-Light Derm Lift Technology.
So the E-Light system basically works based on technologies with bi-polar radio frequency + IPL + Contact Cooling. It uses IPL + RF energy for hair removal, skin rejuvenation  including wrinkle improvement, skin lifting and acne, pigmentation removal vascular or capillary lesions (telangiectasis) improvement.

The beautician covered my eyes with a orange red color eye cover, it tends to reduce the glaring effect during the E-Lightning Treatments. Cooling Gel was applied on my face for the treatments. Then the treatment started.

Then, the beautician started to use the machine on my face. Although I had the eye cover on my eyes, still I can feel the strong light even though I was closing my eyes. It was a bit pain. It felt like something stung me and it was a bit hot after the stung. Especially when she did my eye's area part, it's even more painful and the light was brighter.

The beautician did half of my face first and let me see the difference. Actually my in photo it was not obvious, but by looking at mirror, I can see that my skin is tighten and lifted up.

The beautician told me that the results was not obvious because I'm still young. But still it's a good start to take care of my face. lol. It will not show a obvious results for first treatment, it is better that we attend few more treatments to see the clear results. 

After the treatments, some skin problems might occurred. For me, after the treatment, my skin became slightly oily. Although there's no pimples, oily face is a problem on that week after the treatment. I was advised by the beautician not to stay under the sun for too long time because it will be hurtful to my skin. It's best to stay indoor after the treatment. 

Then after the treatment, she advised me to apply skin care and mask because the treatment tends to activates and optimize my skin absorption. Therefore, put more skin care afterwards. lol.

If you are interested in this treatment, you may visit their website or Facebook for more details or appointment booking:

If you wanna know where is it located, here's the address for you.

Pink Passion the Signature Salon
No 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
47100 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +603-7805 7285

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