Majo no Ie: The Witch's House

by - Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back to my nerdy-otaku life again now by playing games. Recently my sister  found a nice freeware game online which named: 魔女の家(The Witch's House) and recommend it to me. It was a very......"mind-fuck" game for me because the main character died like over 100 times in the games!!! I must said that the maker of this game was awesome in designing some very small detail's stuff just to make the character die!!LOL~

Well...the story begin with a girl, named Viola who accidentally lost in the woods. She visits the mysterious house in the middle of the woods. Then she realized that the house is dangerous and she wanna escape from it. The thing that very mind-fuck was the moment when i just step into the house and i died! LOL.

Yay~ The start-up page of the game. Very simple and easy navigation for users. The one i was playing was the English version of the game. If you guys interested in this game, you can visit the link here (English Version) or (Japanese Version) to download the game and the RPG Maker VX RTP.

The game contains 7 stages which are the:
Beginning -> House level 1 -> House level 2 -> House level 3 -> House level 4 -> House level 5 -> Ending.

This game consists of 2 endings and 1 secret ending.

How to get the 1st ending?
Basically you just finish the whole game then you will get the first ending which is the fake ending.

How to get the 2nd ending?
During the last stage when the legless girl (Ellen) was chasing you, before you ran out of the House, you need to go back to the room where you got the first teddy bear. There was a cupboard which you cannot open at first, well when the legless girl is chasing you, try your best to run back to that room and open the cupboard. You will get the Ellen's Knife. Then escape the house and enjoy your 2nd ending which is the true ending.

How to get the secret ending?
The secret ending was kinda difficult to get due to the high game-over rate for the game. In order to get the secret ending.....YOU HAVE TO FINISH THE WHOLE GAME WITHOUT SAVING! Then congratulation, you will get to see the conversation between the black cat and the main character before she enter the legless girl's room.

So here's some preview for the true ending....
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Viola was the main character in this game. When you get the fake ending, i swear you will be happy for Viola because she escaped from the house and her daddy shot the legless girl. But if you get the true ending, you will seriously said "WTF!". Viola died at the end because she was stupid enough to trade her body with the legless girl. (=.=) 

PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket 
My expression throughout the game.
Maybe some people think that the true ending is kinda fucked up and of course, Viola was so pity simply because she was stupid naive. Well, what to do?? the maker of this game like to make it that way~hahahaha. Anyway, it's a nice game and i seriously enjoy the game because of the "Surprises" in this game.

If any of you are free and bored, please try to play this game and show your supports! It's a nice game to kill your time.

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  1. Not sure which is more interesting; the game itself, or your facial expressions during the game...