Animangaki and Asaban Fest 2012

by - Sunday, September 16, 2012

That's why today i going to update my blog since i'm free enough!~~
How many of you actually know and attended Animangaki (Sunway) and Asaban Fest(Taylor) last month?
(I knew i update about it quite late~~)
I was actually quite active in attending anime-related events lately and i don't know why.
Although i attended the event, I always forgot to snap photos because i was too excited.(=.=)
I can SAY that the events was awesome because i saw so many cosplayers~
The amount of people/cosplayers there was.....A LOT~
Although i only attended for day 1, but that's more than enough i think~~

Spotted mini-sized Hatsune Miku~
She's cute!

Miku's Nendoroid~

I was so surprised on that day because people actually ask me to pose for photos...
I think they mistakenly thought that i'm a cosplayer...

My brother and I~
My outfit for that day was actually a pink floral jumper dress and a white formal shirt~
My sister said my outfit on that was more towards sweet loli instead of casual~
I actually took a lot of photos with my friends on that day but i already uploaded the photos in my Facebook.
But i don't usually accept people that i don't know in Facebook, so perhaps you all can go visit and like my Facebook Page.

Then the next event that i attended was Taylor's Asaban Fest~~
Yup, my sister was cosplaying as Sankarea...
and i was cosplaying as myself...that looks nerdy~

My sister as Sankarea~
Not many people attended the event because i heard that there were another event or competition going on at other place on that day~
Anyway, the environment was nice for photoshoot~

Definitely will attend more events~

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