Tales of Vesperia

by - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recently addicted to a game named, Tales of Vesperia.
It was a very old game because it released during 2009~
My friend lend the game to me and I actually didn't open and play it yet.
Since last week, I started this game.
(Picture: credit to someone i don't know since i found it at google.)
A very cute RPG game~
For me it's kinda looks like the mixture of Final Fantasy and Radiata Stories~
I love the places in the game and the battle system.
It's very easy to play since the monsters die easily?
The main character...(yup, the boy in the picture) looks like girl, even his name also sounds like girl~Yuri~~
The story started in a Capital's lower quearter~

There are basically 8 characters in the game.
The battle can use up to maximum 4 people.
Story line was good enough.
Just i still dunno how to used some skill during battle~
But still i can pass through all the places till now.
I think i play till almost half way in the game.
It was a very cute game for Xbox 360.
For more information about this game,
Currently the game is out of stock for Xbox 360 but it is available at PS3.
Check out the game in Play-Asia~

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