Culture Japan Night Malaysia 2012

by - Thursday, June 21, 2012

Culture Japan Night Malaysia 2012.
I'm happy I registered for it.
Danny Choo is one of my favourite blogger.
He blogs about Japan culture, that's why I like to read his blog.
If anyone of you interested in his blog, here's the link!

This year Culture Japan Night Malaysia was held at Pavillion 6th floor near Tokyo Street.
If you were there last Monday during evening before 5pm, you definitely saw a long queue there.

The event did not start exactly at 5pm...
This was what I saw from my position...a tiny Danny Choo standing there, and the speakers were not facing my side so i can't really hear what he's talking at that time.

My friend and I.

Danny Choo was greeting everyone.
There were so many people there and I sincerely thought that the event space was too small to hold the crowd.

Took this photo when I was queuing to get Danny's sign on my Moekana card box.
And it was almost my turn.(>w<)

I admit that I really like Danny's blog and I followed his blog since 3.5 years ago.
I also followed his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram just to know more about Japan culture.XD

Moekana~~~I wish i could buy all the special cards but i could not afford it. (T.T)

Mirai's figma...(^_^)

More Mirai~~~

I saw some people were playing card game again, and I still don't understand anything about card game.(T.T)
But I saw two guys who sat next to this table started playing Moekana cards.
I read about how to play Moekana cards before but I never tried before.
1. My Japanese language vocab not that good.
2. I seldom speak Japanese in Malaysia.
3. Long time didn't read Japanese words.
But when I looked at the match between that 2 guys, I feel like I wanna try the game once.

Then, I was able to invite Danny's wife to play Moekana with me.(>.<)
It was seriously an honor~~(Cry because of happiness)
Why is this happening?(0.0)

The story began like this...
When i was looking at the 2 guys who were playing Moekana,
I was so excited and feel like wanna play also.
Then at that time, Danny's wife was standing next to me watching the game also.(0.0)
After that, one of my friend suggest me to invite Danny's wife to play Moekana with me.
Then, I gained my courage and ask her question like: "Can we possibly play the game only with one deck of card?"
Then I don't know what happen and she said she can try the game once with me....
Thus, I sat down and start playing Moekana~

This game, we were supposed to look for the words given by the judges.XD

Of course I lost the game~(Blame me no revise Japanese for such a long time)
It was so fun and it was so memorable.(I like this photo)~~
Thank you~

After that, back to reality(slap myself)...
I took a lot of photos for all the adorable dolfie.

They were so adorable, cute, pretty and my camera likes them.XD

I wonder how many people own a dolfie at home?
I wish I could afford one also.

I saw Dato' Jimmy Choo at the VIP table.
Me super lucky could took photo with him and signature also.^^

I saw one very cute Mirai-chan also.XD
Decided to take photo with her.
If I was not mistaken, she's from Singapore right?

Cool cosplay on that day~

Another cool cosplay~

The first time I saw this "creature"~~(Sorry, I do not know how to categorize "you")
I was like, cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....but i don't know how to describe....

Games for everyone who love games.
They were playing Street Fighter.


The most memorable night for me.
And I enjoy the event.
It was a good experience to know more people and Japan Culture.

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