AFA Malaysia 2012 [Day One]

by - Thursday, June 14, 2012

First of all, I apologize for my laziness and lack of updates for my dead blog.
But today, i will start blogging again.(I know I always say that...=.=)
Well, let go into the main topic of today's blog!!!!
Excited! Happy! Looking forward!
All of the "emotion mixture" on that day when I first found out about AFA will be held at Malaysia.
If you all read my previous blog (, you will know about what is AFA.
This year, it's a bit different from the past two years, I did not travel all the way to Singapore because AFA is here, at MALAYSIA!
For all the anime, manga, vocaloid or japan culture lovers(sorry if I miss out some example), AFA is a MUST ATTEND event.(^^)
Sadly, I can't attend the AFA Day 0 due to my last day of exam~~
SO I will talk about the AFA Day 1!!!!(>.<)

I'm cosplaying as Hatsune Miku that day~~
Took this photo at home before going out to AFA.(^.^)
It's a multi-layers dress and I like the design of the costume because it's cute.
My bf style up his hair that day~~XD

My sister and I. She cosplay as Inouri from Guilty Crown.
Anyone who's interested in asking her for photoshooting can possibly go to her facebook.

On the way to AFA!!!!!My sister and her friend, Esther.

This year AFA Malaysia was held at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.
I met my friends there too...
Could not cover the whole event because I'm cosplaying and I didn't take many photos on that day(sob sob)
There were a lot of booth setting up for AFA.
Basically the main attractions were the maid cafe and butler cafe which people queue up to enter.(^^)
Don't worry, I will cover the even on the next post which is the AFA Day 2.

I'm basically a HUGE FANS of ONE PIECE.
So when I spotted all these figures, I kept on took photos although people ask me to take photo with them.



Almost fainted when I saw all these cute figurines~~~
It was a very great display.

Then, I saw Kaname was playing card game with another guy.
I called my sister and her friend to have a look at Kaname.
They went crazy and kept on snap photo like a fans girl.
I think this is the best shot took by my sister.(^_^)

My sister at the Danny Choo booth...

Spotted Mirai's Figure at the booth and kept on snap photos.XD

Yeah~~ Culture Japan!!!
I will post about Japan Culture Night too! So look forward to my updates!~~XD

Moekana cards~~~
The most kawaii card i have seen in my entire life~
I bought one deck of the card~~

Last photos, my brother and an Assassin from the game Assassin Creed~~
Sorry about the photo because it's blur.XD

Anyway, I will update about the AFA Day 2 next time which will cover the event~
So please follow my blog and look forward to the updates!!!!

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